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Anet Ahern, CEO, PSG Asset Management
Shun equities at your perilArticle

The most recent figures released by the Association for Savings and Investments South Africa (Asisa) show a historic influx of investment into local unit trusts over the last quarter...

Anet Ahern 3 days ago

The role of data science in money management
The role of data science in money managementArticle

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution underway, organisations that respond proactively and appropriately to technological changes will gain a competitive advantage...

Shriya Roy 16 Sep 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Building hope in society - the rallying call for brands and their agencies
EXCLUSIVE: Building hope in society - the rallying call for brands and their agenciesArticle

Mike Abel, chief executive partner at M&C Saatchi Abel elaborates on how brands can inspire us to be better and to do better...

Mike Abel 27 Aug 2020

Hunger contributes strongly to health inequalities. Marco Longari/AFP via Getty Images
Covid19: how the lockdown has affected the health of the poor in South AfricaArticle

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked substantial damage on human lives and the economy in South Africa. But the impact of the measures used to combat the pandemic, such as lockdowns, have not been even...

Chijioke Nwosu & Adeola Oyenubi 26 Aug 2020

Justin Floor, fund manager, PSG Asset Managment
Looking beyond the corona crisisArticle

Over the past few months, the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak has shifted. In the early days, governments around the world hoped that by acting decisively, the outbreak could be put behind us swiftly...

Justin Floor 25 Aug 2020

VUT establishes new law clinic
VUT establishes new law clinicArticle

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) has succeeded in implementing an uplifting and exciting initiative - a law clinic situated at the VUT Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park (VUT SGSTP) in Sebokeng...

Nontobeko Zondi, Issued by Vaal University of Technology 19 Aug 2020

Property investment - to sell or not to sell
Property investment - to sell or not to sellArticle

Every investor will at some point be confronted with making a decision on whether or not to sell a long-term asset such as a property, says Praven Subbramoney, CEO of Private Bank Lending at FNB...

5 Aug 2020

Lebo Thubisi, head of manager research, Alexander Forbes
Meeting the expectations of millennial investorsArticle

In South Africa, millennials represent the largest generation to enter the workforce - more than 50% in 2020, and 75% by 2030...

Lebo Thubisi 20 Jul 2020

Covid-19 recovery is a chance to improve the African food system
Covid-19 recovery is a chance to improve the African food systemArticle

It's time to redesign food systems that deliver healthy foods, allow farming families to make a good living, and support thriving societies...

Kai Mausch, Michael Hauser, Todd Rosenstock and Wanjiku Gichohi-Wainaina 12 Jun 2020

How a global ocean treaty could protect biodiversity in the high seas
How a global ocean treaty could protect biodiversity in the high seasArticle

Oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface. But, because many of us spend most of our lives on land, the 362 million square kilometres of blue out there isn't always top of mind...

Jennifer Silver, Leslie Acton, Lisa Campbell, Noella Gray 5 Jun 2020

Investment titans continue to get serious about ESG
Investment titans continue to get serious about ESGArticle

The biggest challenge for multinational mining companies over the next decade will be responding to investors' growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues...

4 Jun 2020

Covid-19 swings the spotlight back onto emerging countries' debt
Covid-19 swings the spotlight back onto emerging countries' debtArticle

While the focus so far has been mainly on China, Europe and the United States, the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to be even more severe for emerging economies...

1 Jun 2020

Investing during Covid-19
Investing during Covid-19Article

At Saica's Leadership in a time of crisis webinar series, Investec's Chief Investment Strategist, Chris Holdsworth, shared insight on how the pandemic is shaping investment strategies...

Issued by SAICA 18 May 2020

A healthcare worker collecting a swab for a Covid-19 test from a community member. AFP via Getty Images
Coronavirus pandemic holds lessons for South Africa's universal healthcare plansArticle

The National Health Insurance (NHI) has become an idealistic concept known as "imaginary". It's become the idea onto which all South Africa's aspirations for healthcare have been projected...

Steve Reid 18 May 2020

The economic impact of Covid-19
The economic impact of Covid-19Article

Saica hosted a webinar where Investec chief economist Annabel Bishop spoke about the effects of sub-investment grade status and the coronavirus on our country's already struggling economy...

Issued by SAICA 4 May 2020

Your retirement savings and Covid-19
Your retirement savings and Covid-19Article

People are worried about how the uncertainty of Covid-19 is impacting on the markets where a big portion of their retirement savings is invested...

17 Apr 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
South Africa's mining sector in lockdown & after Covid-19Article

With the Covid-19 lockdown in full effect until the end of April, and the potential for yet another extension still looming, South Africa's mines have scaled down operations massively...

Lizle Louw, Nirvasha Singh, Garyn Rapson, Kate Collier, Merlita Kennedy & Rita Spalding 15 Apr 2020

Clive Eggers
Finding investment opportunities among the many Covid-19 risksArticle

With many countries around the world in Covid-19 lock down, the global economy is facing an unprecedented situation of balancing health against financial livelihoods...

14 Apr 2020

Covid-19 is a game changer for the private equity industry
Covid-19 is a game changer for the private equity industryArticle

South Africa started 2020 on the ropes with economists generally expecting the annual GDP growth to be below 1%...

Nicole Paige, Michael Denenga and Ashford Nyatsumba 2 Apr 2020

Ian Matthews, head: business development, Bravura
Could the IMF steady South Africa's trembling boots?Article

These are strange and unpredictable times. For the first time ever and as a result of the economic stranglehold that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has on markets, the United States has been downgraded...

Ian Matthews 30 Mar 2020

Covid-19: Takeaways for the private equity industryArticle

South Africa started 2020 on the ropes with economists generally expecting the annual GDP growth to be below 1%. This already weak outlook has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19 and the consequent curtailment of economic activity...

Nicole Paige, Michael Denenga & Ashford Nyatsumba 27 Mar 2020

Andrew Dittberner is the chief investment officer at Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities.
Covid19: Long-term gains exceed short-term shocksArticle

If time flies when you're having fun, then the opposite must be true when times are tough. The past few weeks have certainly been gruelling, and the first quarter of 2020 will undoubtedly go down in the history books...

Andrew Dittberner 24 Mar 2020

Covid-19 unlikely to derail residential property market in long term
Covid-19 unlikely to derail residential property market in long termArticle

The question around the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on the property market is an important one...

Carl Coetzee 23 Mar 2020

Free-Photos via
Land reform in South Africa is both a human rights issue and a constitutional imperativeArticle

This month, as South Africans celebrate the country's progressive Constitution which re-affirms fundamental rights and freedoms in its Bill of Rights and reflects on past injustices under the apartheid system, there are rising calls for the government to revisit and address the land reform issue...

Peter Setou 23 Mar 2020

A guide to legal issues and risks surrounding Covid-19
A guide to legal issues and risks surrounding Covid-19Article

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has caused disruption across the world and very recently South Africa...

18 Mar 2020

#WhatWomenWant in 2020: Welcome to the new era of progressive marketing
#WhatWomenWant in 2020: Welcome to the new era of progressive marketingArticle

This week, in celebration of International Women's Day, Kantar hosted engaging afternoon presentations at its Cape Town and Johannesburg offices where Jane Bloomfield, chief growth officer from the UK, talked through findings from Kantar's #WhatWomenWant global study...

Leigh Andrews, Issued by Kantar 12 Mar 2020

George Herman, director and chief investment officer, Citadel
Coronavirus affects 2020 investment outlookArticle

Besides the obvious impact on world health, the coronavirus outbreak is also having a notable effect on economic growth, and causing the fireworks in markets...

George Herman 9 Mar 2020

Janina Slawski
Using prescribed assets to get out of a financial fixArticle

The debate around the prospect of prescribing private and public pension fund money to bail out Eskom, and other financially impaired state-owned enterprises, continues...

Janina Slawski, 6 Mar 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Will load shedding reignite an asset exodus for South Africa?Article

The twin threats of asset drain and of declining foreign direct investment (FDI) are increasing with the return of load shedding and ongoing governance issues at several of South Africa's largest state-owned enterprises (SOEs)...

Kerstin Engler & Timm Reutter 20 Feb 2020

Isaah Mhlanga is chief economist of Alexander Forbes
Fiscal credibility, economic reform and investment drive - the pillars to revive SA's economyArticle

With a marginally supportive global outlook, we would have expected South Africa's economic growth to pick up. However, domestic constraints remain...

Isaah Mhlanga 23 Jan 2020

Property is still a sound investment in SA, provided you take the right approach
Property is still a sound investment in SA, provided you take the right approachArticle

Property has traditionally been one of the safest forms of investment, offering stable long-term returns. But with South African residential property prices in decline, a sluggish economy, and fears around expropriation without compensation, it may not feel as sound as it once did...

Hugo Venter 23 Jan 2020

Lerato Mosiah, CEO: Health Funders Association
#BizTrends2020: The future of healthcare is nowArticle

Medical schemes in South Africa are facing a watershed moment with the imminent threat to their future role and overall existence under the National Health Insurance (NHI)...

Lerato Mosiah 6 Jan 2020

How professionals are investing in volatile market conditions
How professionals are investing in volatile market conditionsArticle

Recent market volatility and the uncertain investment climate has raised questions amongst South African investors...

Hayley Brown 18 Dec 2019

Herman van Papendorp
Will SA equities bounce back in 2020, or is fixed income still the best bet?Article

As the sun sets on 2019, the nominal growth has led to another year of disappointment in government revenue collections, while a sovereign downgrade by Moody's is looking increasingly probable in 2020...

17 Dec 2019

Startups represent Africa at Global Startup Awards 2019
Startups represent Africa at Global Startup Awards 2019Article

Six startups represented the African continent at the Global Startup Awards 2019, which took place in Changsha, China from 11-14 December 2019...

17 Dec 2019

Child healthcare remains uneven in South Africa and varies between provinces and districts. Shutterstock
How South Africa can build a child-centred healthcare systemArticle

It is more than 20 years since the South African constitution first guaranteed children's "right to basic healthcare services"...

Maylene Shung-King 12 Dec 2019

Reza Hendrikse
Diversification is key during market uncertaintyArticle

After a quiet start to the third quarter, a familiar script began playing out with President Donald Trump once again proceeding to threaten China with additional tariffs on imports...

Reza Hendrickse 6 Dec 2019

There is growing awareness of the negative impact of ‘parachute research’. Shutterstock
Lack of equity and diversity still plague global health researchArticle

The field of global health has evolved from colonial and military medicine, tropical medicine and international health. While it is evolving for the better, research shows that global health is still struggling to shake off its colonial past...

Madhukar Pai 22 Nov 2019

Women find it hard to sustain tourism businesses in Ghana and Nigeria. Here's why
Women find it hard to sustain tourism businesses in Ghana and Nigeria. Here's whyArticle

The governments of the two West African countries could do more to enhance women's participation in tourism...

Albert N. Kimbu, Ewoenam A. Afenyo-Agbe, Issahaku Adam 25 Oct 2019

Innovative efforts have been put in place to reach populations in partially and totally inaccessible parts of Borno state. Wikimedia Commons
Valuable lessons from Nigeria's marathon effort to eradicate polioArticle

The theme for World Health Day in 1995 was Target 2000 - A World Without Polio. I delivered a lecture titled Polio Eradication Race: Will Nigeria Finish Last? to mark the occasion. Finishing last seemed likely because in the 1990s Nigeria's routine immunisation rates were in the 30%-40% range for all vaccine preventable diseases...

Oyewale Tomori 21 Oct 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
SA investor behaviour could erode savings as geo-political tensions mountArticle

While the ebbs and flows of markets are always going to keep investors on their toes, it appears South African investors may be too quick to chop and change their portfolios during times of heightened economic uncertainty and market volatility...

10 Oct 2019

We did the sums on South Africa's mental health spend. They're not prettyArticle

South Africa has taken steps towards strengthening mental healthcare in the last 20 years. These include reforming the Mental Health Care Act 2002 and developing a National Mental Health Policy Framework and Strategic Plan 2013-2020...

Sumaiyah Docrat & Crick Lund 9 Oct 2019

Lessons from Rwanda on how trust can help repair a broken health systemArticle

Seven countries around the world - three of them in Africa - have made faster than expected progress over the past 15 years in reducing deaths among children younger than five...

Agnes Binagwaho 2 Oct 2019

Image credit: cocoparisienne from Pixabay.
Digital advertising: distribution, the true disruptorArticle

Similarities between stock exchanges and ad exchanges, despite not trading the same commodities, are undeniable...

gustav goosen 30 Sep 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
What SA's super-wealthy are doing with their moneyArticle

Many high net worth South Africans are looking to move 50% or more of their investable assets offshore, given the country's protracted political and economic uncertainty...

17 Sep 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Great expectations: Are SA investors being unrealistic?Article

Expectation is said to be the root of all disappointment. This seems to be case for South African investors lately, who are looking for future earnings that are significantly higher than the majority of their global counterparts...

12 Sep 2019

A community care worker providing treatment to a TB patient at her home. Wikkicommons/Stherere23
Rebuilding health systems from the bottom up: a South African case studyArticle

The recent publication of the National Health Insurance Bill in South Africa has provoked vigorous debate...

Helen Schneider 12 Sep 2019

What would 'junk' status mean for SA?
What would 'junk' status mean for SA?Article

Home owners should not take a knee-jerk reaction to the potential of SA being downgraded to junk status by Moody's says SA futurist/economist Daniel Silke...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 5 Sep 2019

Adrian Saville
Seeking sanity in an upside-down worldArticle

We find ourselves in an environment in which there is more to be worried about than usual, including an escalation of the China-US trade war, fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit, and erratic or aggressive Fed policy decisions...

Adrian Saville 4 Sep 2019

Central banks and other financial sector regulators have not always paid adequate attention to the sector’s impact on the environment. Shutterstock
Central banks are waking up to climate change dangers. It's about timeArticle

The impact of climate change on the stability of individual financial institutions and the financial system in general is growing. It influences the types of activities that financial institutions will fund and the cost of finance...

Danny Bradlow 2 Sep 2019

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