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Tony Clarke

Managing Director at Rawson Property Group
Location:South Africa


Tony Clarke is the MD of the Rawson Property Group.
Silver linings for homeowners as economic revival takes centre stage

Finance minister Tito Mboweni's supplementary budget speech on Wednesday was met with trepidation by many South Africans...

By Tony Clarke 26 Jun 2020

Property outlook positive despite static interest rates

The recent decision from the South African Reserve Bank to leave interest rates unchanged was met with disappointment from several sectors...

By Tony Clarke 30 Sep 2019

Shipping containers - an interesting alternative to traditional construction techniques

As economic pressures increase, and affordability continues to limit access to property, millions of South African families are without a reliable place to call home...

By Tony Clarke 13 Aug 2019

What to expect from the post-election property market

As the excitement of the 2019 general elections begins to die down, the question on most citizens' lips is, "What happens now?" For the property market, at least, predictions are cautiously optimistic...

By Tony Clarke 15 May 2019

Property experts optimistic for post-election upswing

Property owners across South Africa will be pleased to hear that industry experts are predicting a strong chance of a post-election market upswing...

By Tony Clarke 30 Apr 2019

Gen-Z is about to hit the property market - are we prepared?

Every generation has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to property, and knowing what these are can be an ace in the sleeve for existing owners and investors...

By Tony Clarke 11 Feb 2019

4 ways arms-length property valuations are shooting sellers in the foot

Between online service providers, low-cost agencies and traditional real estate agents, sellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a property valuation before they sell...

By Tony Clarke 12 Dec 2018

The A-Z guide to selling your home

Selling a much-loved home can be an emotional prospect, but it's an important part of moving onwards and upwards to better things...

By Tony Clarke 29 Oct 2018

It's time to disrupt the real estate status quo

For too long, South African real estate agents have been stuck in the past...

By Tony Clarke 16 Jul 2018

It's not all doom and gloom for SA's property market

As South Africans reel from the news of a 2.2% GDP decline in the first quarter of 2018, property experts remain optimistic...

By Tony Clarke 19 Jun 2018

3 critical questions to ask before buying a sectional title property

Since 2001, sectional title properties in South Africa have, on average, consistently outperformed their full title counterparts...

By Tony Clarke 29 May 2018

Property market's slow start in 2018 could be misleading

Property experts remain optimistic for a market turnaround...

By Tony Clarke 2 May 2018

How to navigate the property market in today's economy

Big decisions regarding high value assets can be risky during uncertain times, but is the only option to hang tight until our political future is decided?

By Tony Clarke 30 Jan 2018

Is Day Zero the beginning of the end for Cape Town property?

Capetonians are bracing for the onset of Day Zero - the day the City turns off the taps and residents will have to collect their 25-litre water ration at one of 200 public distribution points...

By Tony Clarke 26 Jan 2018

What's on the cards for property in 2018

2017 was a challenging year for the South African property market in general, despite small pockets of thriving activity in areas like the Western Cape...

By Tony Clarke 22 Jan 2018

Here's what you need to know before taking the buy-to-let plunge

Correctly managed, buy-to-let properties can be one of the most attractive investment opportunities out there...

By Tony Clarke 7 Sep 2017

Cape Town now a beacon for property buyers

If you're planning to move to Cape Town and buy a home there, you should hurry up and do so as soon as possible. In fact, even if you weren't planning such a purchase, you might want to consider it right away...

By Tony Clarke 13 Sep 2016

Cut-throat agency commissions from part-time agents should always be viewed with suspicion

Goedkoop is duurkoop. This old Afrikaans saying is especially true in property transactions in which the seller, in an effort to cut his costs, employs a part-time agent.

By Tony Clarke 29 Apr 2013

FNB survey finds that residential property demand is increasing

The latest FNB Property Barometer, issued on 19 March, has encouraging news for residential property investors. Its findings tie in with those of the Rawson Property Group, which is now looking at a 36% year-on-year increase in sales turnover.

By Tony Clarke 8 Apr 2013

Fraudulent practices taking place in the property industry

Although it happens only rarely and the practice is not widespread, there are still some home sellers and buyers who, with the help of their agents, agree to "load" the sale price of the home being bought so as to make it possible for the buyer to qualify for a bond that is large enough to cover the deposit and the transfer fees.

By Tony Clarke 7 Mar 2013

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