Simon Carpenter

Chief Technology Advisor at SAP Africa
Location:South Africa


Chief Technology Advisor at SAP Africa
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#BizTrends2019: What does 2019 have in store for us?

Despite the undeniable power of modern predictive analytics, in some ways, we are no better off than the old crone with her crystal ball when it comes to predicting what the world holds in store for us in 2019...

By Simon Carpenter 9 Jan 2019

Mobility and exponential technologies

It has been a long journey; one that started slowly and then accelerated at an exponential pace as we moved from the first wheel 5,000 years ago...

By Simon Carpenter 18 Oct 2018

Smart data yields big harvests to feed the world

To manage the coming swell, robots that harvest crops and digital farming are joining green revolution and time-held traditional farming techniques. Digital farming is garnering lots of interest...

By Simon Carpenter 7 Dec 2017

Tech shifts the car insurance industry into top gear

Complex and inconvenient processes built around inflexible and opaque products describe the experiences of many policyholders when dealing with insurers...

By Simon Carpenter 1 Aug 2016

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