Rick Parry is chairman and CEO of AIGS, a sub-Saharan distributor of Progress Software.
So, what is modernisation really?

In a previous article, I stated that a failure to embrace digital transformation can cause companies financial harm...

By Rick Parry 7 Feb 2017

How seriously should you take digitalisation?

Today's business environment is constantly being disrupted by new market entrants using innovative technology...

By Rick Parry 20 Jan 2017

Mobility, an essential business strategy

Large application infrastructure development platform company, Progress Software International, announced at the AIGS Delight@Work Conference held in Limpopo, that they will increasingly focus on enabling the development of mobile business applications due to increasing demand and analyst predictions. Rick Parry examines why mobility should be an essential component of future business strategies.

By Rick Parry 27 Jul 2012

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