John Mc Loughlin

Managing Director of J2 Software
Location:South Africa


John Mc Loughlin is a visionary entrepreneur that has been involved in the setup and management of a number of start-up businesses. For the past seven years, he has been working towards changing the security landscape for SMEs in South Africa through his company, J2 Software, which provides solutions around reducing risk and improving compliance.

John is an industry specialist and thought leader in the security space, and his particular areas of expertise lie in planning and strategising.
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Many faces of malware: Are you protected?

Malware remains the biggest threat to corporate networks, more costly than any other threat including ransomware and trojans...

By John Mc Loughlin 2 Mar 2021

Data breaches becoming more common

Another day, another data breach. South African businesses are becoming more susceptible to cyberattacks and seem to be easy targets for criminals...

By John Mc Loughlin 16 Oct 2020

I've been hacked! What do I do?

With all the hype around cyber attacks and every single cybersecurity enterprise talking about cyber resilience to improve a business' security posture, nobody really knows what to do once they've been hacked...

By John Mc Loughlin 21 Feb 2020

The complex and challenging world of cyber risks

The rate at which digital technology is evolving and disrupting traditional business models, cyber risks seem to evolve even faster...

By John Mc Loughlin 11 Dec 2019

When your good guy goes bad

One of our clients recently ousted one of its most trusted employees, who had been using the company's clients, intellectual property and contacts to run his own business, in direct competition with his current employer.

By John Mc Loughlin 17 Sep 2014

Securing your business

One of the biggest threats to businesses big and small, could be sitting in your organisation right now. Insiders can reveal company secrets, bypass security controls and infect the network with malware - through malice, stupidity, carelessness or the unmonitored use of company systems.

By John Mc Loughlin 28 Aug 2013

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