Gil Sperling is the CEO of Flow, a proptech ("property technology") startup revolutionising the rental space by rewarding good tenant behaviour.
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#BizTrends2019: Tech Trends and Millennials: What's in store for 2019?

As we head into 2019, we're seeing several trends in the proptech space which are interesting to both millennials and businesses...

By Gil Sperling 22 Jan 2019

Stories sharing a boon for digital marketers

Updated Stories feature creates new opportunities for engagement across Facebook's family of apps...

By Gil Sperling 11 Jul 2018

Urban renewal: The physical manifestation of innovative thinking

A powerful lesson in how to turn vision into reality...

By Gil Sperling 15 Jun 2018

Facebook developments positive for privacy, consumer protection

The right to user privacy and respect for personal information on the internet continued to make news headlines last month as the Facebook data breach saga headed to Washington, where Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from US senators...

By Gil Sperling 15 May 2018

Extended reality bites

How virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies are reshaping how consumers experience brands and the world around them...

By Gil Sperling 7 May 2018

Will business feel the after-effects of FB's data breach?

Gil Sperling, CTO of Facebook marketing partner, Popimedia comments on Facebook's data breach and what it means for advertisers?...

By Gil Sperling 9 Apr 2018

Consumer engagement today is shaped by technology

Gil Sperling writes that marketers need a fundamental shift in outlook to remain relevant...

By Gil Sperling 15 Mar 2018

The modern marketer's imperative: Adopting a growth-hacking mindset

Time to dismantle the traditional advertising complex and implement initiatives that drive exponential growth...

By Gil Sperling 7 Feb 2018

#BizTrends2018: You guessed it, it's the year of video

Cisco released a report late 2017 which, if its predictions are to be believed, adds fuel to marketers angling for increased budget for video creation...

By Gil Sperling 8 Jan 2018

Blowing out the walls

Facebook's ambitions have set the company on a course to radically shift its standing from social media giant to futuristic innovation hub...

By Gil Sperling 11 May 2017

Is 2016 the year that...

With the demand on marketers to deliver, 2016 will require that service providers upscale their technology to be able to deliver multivariate campaigns across platforms in real time...

By Gil Sperling 29 Jan 2016

[Trends 2015] Explosive disruption for marketing

2015 will be the year that disruption becomes explosive on the marketing and advertising landscape. Organisations that fail to adequately understand and embrace the coming trends will be surpassed in the market...

By Gil Sperling 27 Jan 2015

Premium ads vs Marketplace ads: Get more bang for your buck

These two ad types have very distinct objectives and functions, and offer marketers different approaches and solutions to their communication objectives on Facebook.

By Gil Sperling 4 Jul 2013

Facebook ads: CPC vs CPM

If your company is considering buying advertising space on Facebook, you will be confronted with the choice of cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Without properly understanding Facebook's advertising model and what each of these options gets you, you might find this a confusing or difficult choice to make.

By Gil Sperling 7 Jun 2013

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