Anton Cabral

Partner and managing executive at LRMG Digital Agency
Location:South Africa


Anton Cabral is partner and managing executive at LRMG Digital Agency. He began his career in computer-related positions after completing a BSc in Mathematical Sciences (computer science andinformatics). He then joined LRMG in October 2004 as part of the e-learning team.
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Is software development 'by the business, for the business' the new IT?

In an era of digital transformation, why are so many business leaders still on the sidelines when it comes to driving their technology agendas?

By Anton Cabral 18 Jul 2018

How to cut through the clutter to create new digital learning paths

How do organisations motivate their employees to make time for learning, and encourage them to engage with knowledge that's essential for career success - when they're already overwhelmed with information and short of time...?

By Anton Cabral 25 Apr 2018

Digital transformation and the disruptor's curse

More feared than JK Rowling's Dementors, disruptors are proving to be the nightmare of established brick-and-mortar (B&M) businesses around the world...

By Anton Cabral 14 Nov 2017

Digital transformation is not just about technology - it's about people

Can you remember thirty-or-so years ago, to a time before mobile technology and the internet?

By Anton Cabral 11 Sep 2017

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