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Chappies launches Cola flavour with Josias Mpyana
Chappies has a new limited-edition flavour called Chappies Cola. A launch event was held to celebrate the new flavour. Chappies SA commissioned Josias Mpyana, also known as The Chappies Artist, to create an art piece that expresses the joy he gets from blowing bubbles of Chappies Cola. The new flavour is available at select wholesalers, taxi ranks and spaza shops nationwide.
11 Mar 2020 11:03
Kraken Rum lands in SA
Kraken Rum has made its way to South Africa, launching on 15 October at the Jagger Lounge in Cape Town. The rum is imported from the Caribbean and is made with 13 different secret spices.
25 Oct 2019 15:45
Galliova Awards celebrate egg-cellence in food writing
The 2019 Galliova Awards was held at the Tokara Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. The awards honour the country's most outstanding food writers for their excellence in food writing, styling and the overall promotion of SA's food culture and local health writers for their writing excellence and balanced reporting on health and nutrition issues.
21 Oct 2019 11:51
Leo Burnett South Africa shows how Kellogg’s does more for kids
Leo Burnett South Africa looked at the younger generation – and all they do – when coming up for a concept for the new Kellogg’s ad. Leo Burnett South Africa creative director Donovan Bryan says: “We asked ourselves, who among us is doing the most? Our answer was, our kids.” Kellogg’s recently added essential vitamins and minerals to its cereal. “The kids of today are doing more than anyone else. There’s this general mentality of being more goal-orientated than previous generations. We wanted to showcase how the nutrients and energy provided early in the morning, translates into momentum for the rest of the day. Kids who do more, need more. Kids who do great things need a great breakfast,” concludes Bryan....
10 Oct 2019 10:14
David Tlale, Tastic Rice host exclusive lunch for Women's Day
David Tlale and Tastic Rice hosted an exclusive lunch at Le Chatelat in Sandhurst to celebrate the historic movement that made 9 August Women's Day. Both parties invited phenomenal women from all walks of life to share their inspirational journeys. TV host Lalla Hirayama and celebrity chefs Ndash and Chef Nti all attended with their mothers. Other guests such as TV personalities Mbali Nkosi, Khanyi Mbau and musician Brenda Mtambo also attended the event in celebration of Women's Day. See images of the lunch below....
13 Aug 2019 13:31
Where recycling-awareness, art and creativity meet
On this past Global Recycling Day, Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid transformed the iconic yellow frame at the V&A Waterfront with plastic waste to create awareness on the importance of recycling. Check out the frame below and images of the creation process.
19 Mar 2019 10:11
A new, alcohol-free beverage by Heineken
Heineken launched its new alcohol-free lager - Heineken 0.0 - at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg on 14 March 2019. The launch was hosted by Chris Jafta and was attended by media and influential faces of the entertainment industry. Below are some images of the launch.
18 Mar 2019 09:24
Flying Fish launches Flying Fish Odyssey
Flying Fish launched its Flying Fish Odyssey on 25 November 2018 with a launch party in Braamfontein. The launch was hosted by Sandile GQ and attended by media, bloggers, creatives and cultural curators.
29 Oct 2018 10:27
A marvellous margarine making experience with Flora
Flora invited media to an intimate workshop on 27 June 2018 to learn more about the process of margarine making and to understand more about how Flora may form part of a balanced, heart-healthy diet, and lifestyle.
3 Jul 2018 11:18
Anna Cantu shares her secrets to high-profile hair
Global hair artist, Chi ambassador, and the queen of pageatn hair Anna Cantu, travelled to South Africa recently to share her haircare and styling tips at an event hosted by Glamit - exclusive South African distributors of CHI.
31 May 2018 14:40
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