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US lags behind third-world in live chat customer satisfaction

A recent comparative study on customer satisfaction around the world found that the United States of America fell behind third-world countries when it came to live chat. The study was conducted independently by leading gatekeepers of customer service insights throughout 2017 and 2018.

The findings showed the US is not only behind mature markets like the UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and a handful of European countries; it is also behind emerging markets like Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, and the Philippines. American customer satisfaction rating is fourth worldwide with 87.58%, based on the 2018 LiveChat Customer Service Report, behind Brazil's 88.34% and the Philippines' 89.02%.

FinancesOnline analysed the data from the 2018 LiveChat Customer Service Report as well as other recent studies and compiled an infographic for a complete look at the findings.

study by Financesonline
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