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Will advertising a restaurant on a billboard make financial sense ?

Looking at cost-effective ways to advertise a restaurant. Hence the question - is a billboard cost-effective? 4 Oct 2011

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Till roll advertising

Advertising on the back of till rolls. 22 Mar 2011

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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

Are South African Consumers Really That Timit, Retail Tranference Of Responsibility/Risk

How do you feel about showing your receiot and having security look in your bags.... 14 Sep 2010

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new milo cereal: false advertising

has any 1 of you tryed the new milo cereal that nestle , has brought out? i have and im not at ll satisfied with the product , that i have decided to take a stand up against nestle with a few friends backing me. 18 Jul 2009

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marketing careers and interns for graduates

where to find that needed experience 29 Mar 2009

there is a company in England who wants to remove the egg from eggshell to a liquid container

can't believe some ideas i mean whats the use of making eggs available in liquid what i like my eggs boiled thats just plain stupid 26 Mar 2009

Are You A Letting Agent Being Abused By A Property Owner

If You are a Letting Agent and you feel that you got a raw deal from your client, contact me. 18 Sep 2008

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Vernon Koekermoer's Nandos thighs

Has anybody bought them yet? And are they glued together or what? 20 Jun 2008

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The MTN Durban Fashion Week: What?

Is the MTN Durban Fashion week really about being a platform for emerging designers or is it just entertainment for fashionistas? 18 Jun 2008

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False advertising ? 26 Mar 2008

Community Notice Boards at spar

No more community notice boards at Spars? 4 Dec 2007

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Is a customer always right??

Can one answer me and elaborate/ support their statement! 19 Sep 2007

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Non-delivery of Harry VII. Next stop Exclusive Books 21 Jul 2007

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No ho-ho!

The season of - "Oh hell, it's Noel" seems to come around a little faster each year, or are the retailers attempting to talk us in to Christmas specials earlier each year, in the hope that by the time that Christmas finally arrives, we will have been back for a second or third chance at the 'special offers'? 8 Nov 2005

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Poor service

There is never enough said on poor service in SA. Poor service extends right across the board. We need to keep the pressure up as consumers. 28 Sep 2005

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Greedy Cape Town business owners

Greedy Cape Town business owners should be named and shamed for killing the Golden Goose. 3 May 2005

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Eaten alive by bigger companies

Try to get a Big Company to give you the time of day, even when you're trying to do business with them that might just help them out! 3 Feb 2005

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Soon we will have a white christmas

Merry Christmas signs in my local Pick 'n Pay 26 Oct 2004

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