References for TLC Marketing who offer mass rewards

Have you worked with TLC Marketing who offer mass rewards to consumers and what was your experience? 10 Jun 2011

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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

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promotions company seeks advice

please advise 21 Nov 2010

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Marketing a new magazine for women

Does anybody know a company that can do a good job in marketing and promoting our magazine? 27 Aug 2009

Who gets invited at a magazine launch party?

Please help. We have done everything and about to start marketing the magzine and organizing the launch. Just wondering who are the best people to invite. 27 Aug 2009

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Looking for corporate gifts...

I've been looking for corporate gifts for our company staffs and clients. I was wondering, what kind of gifts will make benefit to the clients and employee. 22 Mar 2009


I will be currently registered for 3rd year in BSS (Management & Communication Studies) at the University of KwaZulu Natal (Howard) Durban, and I feel that my qualification would be suitable for the position regarding Marketing or Communications and advertising. If there is a chance that you might offer me an experiential training, it will help me to prepare for the work environment. 10 Jan 2009

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Hennesy + Neyo??!!

Hennesy has a promotion currently where someone can win backstage passes to a Neyo concert. NEYO?? I mean really now - why the hell would a hennesy drinker be the least bit interested in Neyo? Im only 24, but wouldnt go out of my way to even get his CD! He's the biz for my 13 year old cuz, but a Hennesy drinker??! Cumon! 17 Sep 2008

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Discovery / 702 walk the talk!!!...Terrible goody bag???

I was looking forward to my race bag, and on collection of it, all seemed great, until I got home to explore the contents: 25 Jul 2008

Mandela Postal Stamps

Happy happy Tata! 16 Jul 2008

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Exploiting Students

Expecting Students to work for nothing 14 Nov 2007

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Available tenders or accounts in the industry

An appeal for information on available tenders and/or accounts in the promotions industry. 3 Nov 2007

..another dodgy promotion.

Anyone seen that promotion on the front of the Liqui-fruit cartons? 5 Oct 2007

Size of the Promotional Merchandise Market in South Africa

I am looking for information on the size of the Promotional Merchanidise Market in South Africa. 14 Aug 2007

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