App provides prompt delivery of dagga order

SAN FRANCISCO, USA:- Startup company Eaze has released a smartphone application promising prompt, professional delivery of medical marijuana to the doors of patients in San Francisco.
Keith McCarty, Founder of Eaze delivers dagga to a patient's doorstep typically within ten minutes of receiving the order. The dagga is for medicinal purposes and legal in many US states. Image: Twitter
Eaze said that drivers referred to as "caregivers" will deliver medicinal doses of dagga to the recipients within an average of 10 minutes.

Eaze checks the medical eligibility of those who register at for the "on-demand healthcare delivery service" where users place orders using smartphones or tablet computers.

According to Eaze, once an order is placed, Eaze dispatches a caregiver to hand deliver the marijuana from a selected dispensary. Those waiting for their dagga can track progress of the driver in real time using mobile devices.

Eaze has automated the typically "slow, cumbersome, and unpredictable" process of checking dispensaries and confirming eligibility, according to Ease Founder and Chief Executive Keith McCarty.

Delivery is free for patients. The company makes money from the cash it gets from dispensaries for generating business.

Prior to Eaze, McCarty was part of social networking technology firm Yammer which Microsoft bought two years ago in a deal valued at $1.2bn. He backed Eaze with some of his cash from the Yammer deal.

Eaze said that it is eager to expand to Southern California as well as the US states of Colorado and Washington. A long-term strategy includes operating throughout the USA where medical marijuana is legal.

Medical marijuana delivery is already available in California and other US states, with an extensive list of dispensaries and services online at Weedmaps

Eaze hoped to put elevate itself from other delivery services by being fast, reliable and professional.

"Although the healing effects of marijuana have been researched and documented, the medicine is still subject to much controversy," McCarty said. "At Eaze, we developed technology to make it easier and quicker for patients to receive their medicine," he added.

Source: AFP via I-Net Bridge
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