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RTMC launches new online payment services for licence renewals

The Road Traffic Management Corporation announced the introduction of online payments on the Natis online booking system. This new development is designed to enhance online renewals and bookings to create a seamless booking experience when using online booking services.
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These developments form part of measures designed in response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak where the government has imposed strict regulations to curb the spread by encouraging members of the public to avoid crowded areas and maintain social distancing.

The absence of online payments made it impossible for South Africans to renew their licences without physically going to DLTCs.

The introduction of online payments means that one can avoid long queues and simply renew online, make a payment and opt for home delivery. Services that will soon be available are as follows:

Online vehicle licence renewals

Individuals and corporates will be able to register their account online.

Thereafter they will pay the required amount for a vehicle disk renewal online.

This payment will be allocated against their account.

Once the payment is concluded, the vehicle licence disc will either be posted or couriered to the owner of the vehicle at an additional fee.

Online driver licence card renewal

Motorist will soon be able to renew and pay the prescribes fee online prior to presenting themselves at licensing centers for fingerprints, photos and eye tests.

Online registration and notice of change of vehicle ownership

Participating financial institutions will be able to register vehicles online (as title holders), this will eliminate the process of registering at a registering authority.

The online vehicle registration fee will be levied on all registrations performed by financial institutions, motor dealers, insurance companies and large fleet operators.

The online registration function will allow an approved entity the ability to register a vehicle to themselves as title holder.

This online registration and release of titleholder function will allow identified institutions to record the event real time and ensuring that the integrity of NaTIS information is enhanced and maintained.

The process is also fully automated representing a significant saving in costs for the old and new title holder.

Payment for online crash report

In September 2019, RTMC developed the Online Crash Reporting Application which allows members of the public to report minor crashes online without having to visit a South African Police Services station.

This platform also allows membersof the public to retrieve their own crash information and same applies to insurancecompanies.

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