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AndPeople releases free agency startup pack

Upon closure of Andpeople, the youth engagement specialist agency is making available a free 'agency startup pack'.
Earlier this month, Andpeople, a pioneer in the youth marketing space, decided to take proactive action to counter further uncertainty and volatility, and close its doors as of June 2020.
Youth engagement specialist agency Andpeople closes its doors

Andpeople, the youth engagement specialist agency based in Cape Town has decided to take proactive action to counter further uncertainty and volatility, and will close its doors as of June 2020...

7 May 2020

Now, with the goal of adding value in these uncertain times, the agency behind an array of groundbreaking pieces of work for the likes of Adidas, Levi’s, Jose Cuervo, Spotify, Ray-Ban, Glenfiddich, Bacardi and more, are sharing a startup pack full of the necessary templates and tools that the next generation of creative pioneers can use to fast track their business development.

“This is an unprecedented time,” says Duncan Maclennan, managing director of Andpeople, “where creative businesses across the board are feeling the pressure to adapt, change, or be rendered obsolete. On the flipside of this, what we know for sure, is that from this crisis a new generation of creative thinkers will emerge, new businesses, led by young people that will challenge the status quo, much like we did when we launched eight years ago.”

“In closing our business,” adds Maclennan, “we felt it fitting to extend our philosophy and its legacy for a new generation of young leaders, by giving them access to tools and simple practical elements that will bolster their growth and equip them to operate credibly and professionally.”
Photo by Cadeau Maestro© from Pexels

Maclennan says that the pack is a collection of practical business tools that Andpeople has accumulated or developed over the past eight years - simple things most aspiring young creative entrepreneurs either don't know or fail to think about. Think templates, schedules, guides, contracts and administrative tools that are fundamental building blocks of running a successful, professional organisation, equipped to grow.

“In a country that needs to support young entrepreneurs,” Maclannen concludes, “We felt it was our duty to play our part and to contribute to the growth of the creative economy by sharing practical tools and our learnings to help build the agencies of tomorrow.”

Download Andpeople’s free agency startup pack.
That is incredibly generous and unusual. Bravo!
Posted on 7 Jun 2020 11:22



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