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IT security leadership coming of age: Join the conversation at CISO Africa Cape Town 2019

Following the excellent response to the inaugural CISO Africa conference in Johannesburg, the event now heads to Cape Town, bringing along a great line-up of industry speakers sharing their day-to-day experiences and forward-thinking expertise.
IT security leadership coming of age: Join the conversation at CISO Africa Cape Town 2019

CISO Africa Cape Town 2019 is a peer-led conference for IT security, fraud and risk professionals, showcasing pragmatic IT leaders’ strategies to mitigate threats, allay the bombardment of cyber-attacks and employ effective IT security management across the business.

Leaders in IT security are no longer merely tasked with protecting company and customer assets, but increasingly their role is to align security with business objectives. Most importantly is assessing risk management frameworks, shifting company culture from reactive to proactive state of security. In addition, transformative technologies are being deployed to assist in combating the surge of attacks and increased vulnerability due to greater connectivity.

Discuss and share ideas at CISO Cape Town

The conference is a discussion platform for peers to meet and share ideas. Top of mind for many is developing a security plan, identifying key vendors and other partners, empowering security teams and working closer to business.

Decision-making and influence is shifting, empowering the security teams to actively participate in company-wide decisions. This too is heavily influenced by global regulatory concerns, so much so that we have dedicated a pre-conference workshop to cover GDPR, POPI and other regulatory requirements; CISOs are increasingly seen as the enablers and enforcers of these protocols.

With more than 100 IT security professionals set to attend the two-day conference and pre-conference focus day, CISO Africa Cape Town provides a practical and pragmatic platform to exchange ideas and share solutions to common problems.

For more information on tickets, or showcasing your solutions, please contact the CISO Africa Cape Town team at or email moc.puorgmuiniroc@nosretap.lehcaR.

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