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Suzuki unveils new 5-door Jimny at the Festival of Motoring

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Suzuki to the Festival of Motoring at the Kyalami racing track in Sandton, Johannesburg, where I witnessed the introduction of the new five-door Jimny, which is set to be released later this year.
Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem
Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem
Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem
Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem

A more spacious interior

The five-door Jimny can be seen as a more passenger-friendly version of the familiar three-door. Although the latter already has room for additional riders, they might not have as much legroom as they would in the five-door, which is said to seat four adults comfortably.

Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem
Image credit: Aa-isha Hassiem

The back seats are also able to fold flat, allowing for even more room in the rear. Without this alteration, the boot still comes in a sizeable 209l, a significant improvement to the previous model, which only had 59l.

Taking things a step further, travellers will be able to fold the front seats flat and link them to the back seats to create a cushioned sleeping space.


The model we saw was an eye-catching jungle green, but it will also be available in other colours such as celestial blue and granite grey.

The extra room has resulted in a 360mm longer model and a 340mm larger wheelbase, bringing the overall total to 2,590mm. The width and height, however, remain the same.

Similarly, the mechanics have remained unchanged, with a 1,5l petrol engine, 130Nm torque and a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

Revisiting the Fronx

The Fronx, which I’ve already reviewed, had another chance to prove itself, this time on the Kyalami racing circuit. And although it lacked the type of speed needed for a race track, its stability and sturdiness more than made up for it. Once again, it took on those twists and turns graciously, proving just how reliable it can be.

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