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Entry for 2019 Loeries now open!

The Loeries has announced that entry is now open for the 2019 Awards and has called for agencies, studios, brands and designers to tell better stories - stories that upend stereotypes, tear down racial divides, and embrace cultural differences.
Loeries CEO Andrew Human.
Loeries CEO Andrew Human says:
Everyone in the creative and brand communications industry should look at whether they are leading society for the better or reinforcing common negative stereotypes. We need to question the imagery we use, the way we portray people, and the language we use. To upend negative stereotypes, we need to be visionary and not reactive. There are many better stories just waiting to be told.
He also said that for over 40 years, the Loeries has been pushing, championing and sharing creativity and innovation.

“We need to upend the narrative that innovation comes from the west. It is our job as an industry to change the stereotypes of Africa and the Middle East. There are over 2,000 languages across the region. We gave the world irrigation, organised religion, hospital emergency rooms and the understanding that the world revolves on its own axis. That is our story or just the tip of it, and it is our mandate to continue telling it.”

#Loeries2018: Andrew Human reflects on 40 years of Loeries

I caught up with Loeries CEO Andrew Human for a catch-up on the last 40 years and a preview of all things #Loeries2018-related...

By Leigh Andrews 9 Feb 2018

New developments include Nando’s coming on board as the Loeries design category partner and the broadening of the design category. The design awards will now include all aspects of design – retail design like furniture, lighting and fabric design, industrial design, interior design and architecture, as well as all elements of traditional graphic design.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, 15 May 2019. Click here for more information.

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