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    No fuel supply shortage, says DMRE

    The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) says the supply chain of petroleum products to South Africa is "resilient as ever".
    Source: ©bizoon – 123RF.co[[
    Source: ©bizoon – 123RF.co[[

    This follows comments made by the Liquid Fuel Wholesale Association (LFWA) that the country is facing possible liquid fuel supply shortages.

    “The DMRE would like to assure South Africans that there is no imminent shortage of liquid fuels in the country, and predictions made by the LFWA are very unfortunate.

    “The supply chain of the petroleum sector in South Africa is resilient even as the disruptive geopolitical war in Eastern Europe rages on. The department engages the industry on a weekly basis on supply issues and will seek clarity from the LFWA on its comments,” the department said.

    The DMRE explained that government has invested in fuel import for years which contributes to fuel supply security.

    “Over a number of years, the government deliberately enabled investment in fuel import terminals when the reliability of existing petroleum refineries was in question. These import terminals provided the backup to existing refineries and this has proven to have been a correct strategy as refineries close. The import terminals throughout the country’s ports are able to ensure security of fuel supply.

    “In addition, major investments have been made by both Mozambique and Namibia which further strengthen the region’s fuel supply position,” the department said.

    Source: SAnews.gov.za

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