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How insurance agencies can improve their websites

With the ways of doing business changing every day, there is nothing that is more important to a firm or company than a website in the modern times business world. Most people now expect to be able to find anything and anyone online. According to a survey by Hubspot, about 78% of internet users do their research online about a product before purchasing it. Therefore, operating a business without a good website can be a huge obstacle to the growth of your firm or company.
However, having an outdated or poorly designed website in the current era where design and user experience are crucial can be more detrimental than not owning a website at all. It is, therefore, important to update and improve your website after every two or three years, especially for a competitive field like insurance. This is because the best design and trends in websites are constantly changing and therefore after the said duration, your website might appear outdated. Here are some of the tips on how insurance agencies can improve their websites:

1. Make it informative:

Insurance is a tricky business. You can’t attract clients with elaborate graphics and stunning websites. Content is king when it comes to selling insurance because being a confusing product, there’s a lot to talk about in insurance. Your website needs to answer real questions of your users. Take for example this page about medical insurance from Apollo Munich, it answers real questions of users and offers a lot of information to the audience about the necessity, types, how to choose, tips and what not. Google gives weightage to webpages with more than 1800 words of content. That is not because the word limit is important, but because more content gives you more room to educate your audience and empower them with knowledge that helps them take informed decisions.

2. Include a video

Adding a video to your website is now essential and a requirement for every site unlike in the past when many considered it a luxury. This is because a video has the power to create a great impact on the visitor for the little time he or she spends on your website. Moreover, watching video is easier for most users than reading a huge chunk of words, and therefore compels the website visitor to enjoy spending more time on the website.

Studies have shown that an average internet user spends at least 88% more time on a website with a video as compared to one that has no video, which is no surprise. Moreover, websites with videos attract at least 300% website more visitors on a monthly basis and increase organic traffic from search engines by about 157%.

3. Make your site mobile-ready

In the current age, the way people use the internet has changed, and now many users are using mobile devices rather than computers in accessing the internet. Therefore, it is advisable for any insurance agency to improve their website by making it mobile-responsive. A recent study shows that a quarter of all the internet users in the US use mobile devices to access the internet with 90% of the mobile searches leading to action. Consequently, it is important for an insurance agency to have a website that is easy for function well on both computer and a mobile device.

4. Update your imagery

We may have said that content is king, but that doesn’t mean imagery at all. Imagery is one of the key factors that can greatly determine whether your website needs updating or not. For instance, a website with poorly designed graphics and stock photography shows that your site has aged and thus requires being updated to generate more business. Therefore, if you are an insurance agency running a website either in medical insurance or in any other field, it is important to update your aesthetic appeal.


Overall, running a website as an insurance agency is a basic requirement in the current world of business. However, with the fast-changing trends in website designs, having a poorly designed or outdated website is not an option. It is, therefore, advisable for any insurance agency either in medical insurance or in any other to update their website regularly to gain more leads and to encourage visitors to spend more time on their sites.

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