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Supply Chain Company news South Africa

Building customer trust through personalised, integrated logistics solutions

Unitrans blends innovation and the personal touch to develop and maintain exemplary supply chain solutions.
Building customer trust through personalised, integrated logistics solutions

Efficient supply chains are the backbone of thriving businesses and countries. Supply chain management affects every aspect of a nation’s daily life, from businesses to the individual.

Unitrans recognises this essential need. We go beyond traditional transport providers, offering innovative, personalised integrated end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions that empower businesses across sub-Saharan Africa. Our approach seamlessly blends process and technology with a deep understanding of our customers’ unique requirements to help them achieve and exceed their goals.

Building trust through collaborative partnerships

At Unitrans, success begins with building and maintaining strong relationships. Our departure point is always in-depth conversations to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ specific needs, supply chain intricacies, and operational details.

This collaborative approach enables us to create, implement, and monitor fully customised integrated logistics solutions that perfectly align with our customers’ business objectives. It is an on-going conversation to ensure our solutions shift with changing dynamics and demands in our customer’s world.

The power of integrated logistics

Integrated logistics is a strategic approach that unifies all aspects of supply chain management. This includes procurement, warehousing, transportation, inventory management, and information technology. By fostering collaboration across these functions, we ensure optimal efficiency, cost savings, and a superior customer experience.

Transparency is a critical pillar to ensure the successful implementation of integrated logistics solutions. Unitrans leverages a blend of innovation and personalisation to give our customers complete end-to-end visibility over their entire operation.

Our dedicated Unitrans business managers oversee and manage each facet of our customers’ supply chain, ensuring exemplary service. Using a variety of fit for purpose tools and technologies, our approach includes real-time monitoring software, fleet, warehouse and inventory management technologies, data analytics, and interactive dashboards.

The power of doing through innovation

By leveraging these technologies and data analytics, Unitrans is equipped to develop customised solutions that address specific supply chain management challenges for our customers. Our team of dedicated logistics specialists collaborate closely with our customers to understand their pain points and goals.

Through blending innovation, knowledge, expertise and premium customer service, we are able to identify potential bottlenecks, and develop innovative strategies for optimising a customer’s supply chain management.

Continuous innovation

Our focus on continuous improvement is evident in our long-term relationships with our customers. One such case in point is our long-standing relationship with a glass manufacturer whom had a unique problem of “scuffing” on their bottles. A dedicated team analysed their logistics operations, and found the root cause of the problem.

Our technical experts then designed and developed a hydraulic lift roof for our trailers. At the time, this was a “first to market” product that significantly reduced the “scuffing” problem. Through building trust with our customer, continuously improving and innovating, the relationship grew. From only providing transportation services to now managing a fully integrated supply chain solution, our collaborative has delivered significant results.

Through our partnership we have improved our customer’s turnaround times, enhanced their productivity, and optimised their resource allocation.

Another working example is one of Unitrans’ long-standing poultry customers. Our customer faced the operational challenge of optimising load productivity whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of the day-old chicks that were being transported. Available designs limited the number of chicks being moved at a time.

A collaborative Unitrans and customer team took inspiration from global best practices by visiting various international operations and developing a transport solution which included the design and manufacturing of a unique, temperature-controlled chick transit vehicle.

The purpose-built chick transit vehicle almost doubled the capacity per load, whilst simultaneously ensuring the health of the birds. This solution enabled a reduction in required fleet and number of trips.

This, in turn, led to a reduction in fuel, maintenance and carbon emissions. Ultimately, for our customer, this award-winning, innovative solution led to increased capacity and significant cost reduction.

Unitrans continues to Make It Happen

By combining our innovative and personalised approach with advanced planning and risk mitigation strategies, Unitrans achieves superior customer satisfaction. Through proactive partnerships, we seamlessly blend innovation and customisation to Make It Happen for businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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