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Mstarr Productions... More than just a technical supplier!
Mstarr Productions... More than just a technical supplier!Article

When it comes to events, there is a distinction between technical and AV suppliers and production companies - mainly the difference in focus...

Issued by PMP Group 4 Dec 2019

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6 trends likely to disrupt the events industry in 2020Article

Raylene de Wet, director of event sales at Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, unveils six trends that will likely disrupt and elevate South Africa's events industry in the coming year...

6 Aug 2019

A Millennial fly on the wall
A Millennial fly on the wallArticle

Data. A powerful tool when packaged well, but also potentially a means to put your audience to sleep. Being born with a fairly right-sided brain of creativity and wonder, I thought I would do myself a favour by getting out of my comfort zone and learn how to present data better...

Warwick Skerritt 11 Jul 2017

Cotton On store, Rosebank.
From the boot of a car to the malls of the world: How Cotton On built a global businessArticle

From a humble start selling jeans out of a car boot the Aussie retailer has become a global operation...

Zeenat Moorad 20 Jan 2017

Five skills you need to be a strategist
Five skills you need to be a strategistArticle

People in the industry often view the strategist and the creative as different animals. However, spend enough time with both of these individuals and you will come to realise that there are actually more traits that they have in common...

Mike dos Santos 19 Jan 2016

Your speech - brilliant or boring
Your speech - brilliant or boringArticle

We've all had that moment, whether at a wedding, presentation, conference or the boss's announcement, when our heart sinks at the mention of the word 'speech'...

Marion Scher 2 Oct 2015

Tech4Africa focusses on local content, stories and successes, moves to the Kalabash
Tech4Africa focusses on local content, stories and successes, moves to the KalabashArticle

After five years of authentic content, Tech4Africa returns to Johannesburg on 7 and 8 October for two days of inspiring and engaging talks at the iconic Kalabash...

Issued by Tech4Africa 28 Sep 2015

Ray Meiring
Ingredients for a winning pitch bookArticle

A lot goes into winning a pitch. From getting the fundamentals right to sheer chemistry, you never know what could sway a decision in your favour...

Ray Meiring 15 May 2015

Douglas Kruger
[Death to PowerPoint!] Part 1: Seven reasons you could do better without slidesArticle

Ever hear the story about the Russians in Bosnia watching their unlikely US allies designing their PP slides? One nonplussed Russian said, "If we ever had a war, while you are working on your PowerPoint, we would be killing you..."

Douglas Kruger 5 Mar 2015

Vanessa Bluen
10 mistakes that could jeopardise your companyArticle

As economies fluctuate so strategies need to adapt. This has always been the case. However, now as the world around us changes dramatically, some strategic changes need to be radical...

Vanessa Bluen 7 Nov 2014

The five faux pas of new business pitching
The five faux pas of new business pitchingArticle

When pitching for new business, we tend to act differently. It is quite acceptable to 'be on your best behaviour' when starting a new relationship, but...

Sid Peimer 13 Aug 2014

Poor communication costs businesses billions of rands
Poor communication costs businesses billions of randsArticle

Poor communication costs South African businesses billions of rands every year. South Africa has a corporate communication landscape shaped by 11 official languages and a myriad of different cultures with their own ways of communicating and expressing themselves.

John French 21 Nov 2013

QualityLife's Wired Women lll Conference to feature a stellar line-up of speakers
QualityLife's Wired Women lll Conference to feature a stellar line-up of speakersArticle

QualityLife Company is proud to announce its partnerships with Nashua Mobile and Strate for its third Annual Wired Woman's Conference to be held on 15 October at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Issued by QualityLife 1 Oct 2013

Sid Peimer
Ten ways to prevent 'Death by PowerPoint'Article

Unlike firearms, no one needs a license for PowerPoint - so until such licenses are issued, these are the basics in the field of presentation safety.

Sid Peimer 18 Jan 2013

Glen Meier
The craft of simplificationArticle

We all know the term 'less is more', but in a busy and complex world it is often forgotten. For a brand to say more and have optimal impact it needs to say less, less grey, less of the same, and more difference, more relevance. Simple doesn't mean easy though, and that's where the craft comes in. The craft of simplification.

Glen Meier 20 Nov 2012

Marion Scher
The great conference conArticle

This is a column I've wanted to write for many years, but as someone who earns a living partly out of talking at conferences I thought to wise to keep my Sagittarian mouth shut on the topic.

Marion Scher 3 Oct 2012

Tiffany Markman
Writing for PowerPoint, or 'How not to bore your audience to death'Article

There are 300 million PowerPoint users worldwide. There are 30 million PowerPoint presentations happening daily. About a million right now, as you read this. And at least 50% of those (but probably more) are unbearable. In short, 500 000 audiences wish the boardroom ceiling would fall on them. Or on the speaker.

Tiffany Markman 19 Jul 2012

Good, bad, ugly pitchesArticle

Founder of Independent Agency Search and Selection (IAS) Johanna McDowell and Brenda Ross recently facilitated a master class entitled 'What is it really like out there' and 'How to improve conversion rates' where participating agencies were requested to note down, anonymously, the worst and best things they had noticed in a pitch situation.

9 May 2011

[2011 trends] Exciting times in the visual communications industry
[2011 trends] Exciting times in the visual communications industryArticle

With the power of visual communication becoming increasingly acknowledged, its scope is getting broader every day. Here are the 11 trends that I believe will have the most significant impact on industry in 2011.

Lana Hindmarch 24 Jan 2011

Your conference sucks: Part 2
Your conference sucks: Part 2Article

In my first article on this subject, I focused on why conferences suck and what we need to do about it (adhere to our objectives). In this article, I will talk about some of the techniques we use to make our conferences kick more ass than yours.

Richard Mulholland 12 Nov 2009

Johanna McDowell
[AdForum Worldwide Summit] Day oneBlog post

I’m currently at the AdForum Worldwide Summit Fall 2009 and, apart from being in New York, which is in itself so exciting as a city, the meetings with the various agencies and industry gurus are stimulating and thought-provoking.

Johanna McDowell 6 Oct 2009

Louise Burgers
A ‘devastated' Scholtemeyer speaks outArticle

While the somewhat muted celebrations of the magazine publishing industry's annual PICA magazine and journalism awards went on last night, Wednesday, 7 November 2007, Media24 CEO Patricia Scholtemeyer addressed her peers for the first time publically on the scandal that resulted in 12 Media24 publications being fingered for circulation irregularities. She said she was still devastated: “This happened in my own company. The buck stops with me. But I'm more concerned with what it has done to the magazine industry overall.”

Louise Marsland 8 Nov 2007

Avoid death by powerpointArticle

Some sales pros get so overwhelmed by gadgetry - from overheads to Palm Pilots - they forget that what's truly important is focusing on the buyer's needs. Here are some tips for those wishing to eschew all the special effects for a more powerful presentation...

Peter S. Finkelstein 13 Sep 2004

Delivering a better event: dealing with the no-showsArticle

The stage is set, the menu confirmed. The attendance list, carefully worked out with the client, promises to deliver the most important celebrities, media personalities, clients and VIPs. The only question that remains, however, is how many of your guests will actually turn up.

Bev Basson 1 Aug 2004

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