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Post-looting in South Africa. What does the future hold?
Best Brands Germany 2021 announces winners
Africa's young entrepreneurs can help in post-Covid recovery
Drone tech helps boost healthcare supply chains
CT-based Signapps awarded Britain NHS contract
#WomensMonth: Paula Sartini talks disruptive innovations post Covid-19
Drones are the future for better pan-African healthcare
Help youth navigate through the digital world
Lerato Mosiah, CEO: Health Funders Association
A community health worker screening a child’s hearing in Cape Town. Ora Buerkli
Lerato Mosiah, CEO of the Health Funders Association
Only one third of women in Madagascar get prenatal care in the first trimester. Shutterstock
Mohsen George, vice president, Health Insurance Organisation, Egypt
A South African's guide to moving to and making it in Malta: The propaganda of optimism
How can private healthcare contribute to NHI?
A South African's guide to moving to and making it in Malta: Moving markets; changing consumers
Social needs to up its game to keep receiving financial support
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#Newsmaker: F/NE CEO on partnering w/ GlobalHealthPR
Tony Wood, MD, MyDawa
Nicole Capper
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Healthcare innovation will cure a lot of Africa's economic woes
Wanted: affordable medicines for all
Getting the balance right in African healthcare
Source: Madelene Cronje/M&G
Ntutule Tshenye, CEO: Philips South & Southern Africa
MTN Entrepreneurship Challenge Africa finalists
Johnson & Johnson's new global public health innovation space in Cape Town
Cape Health Technology Park could add R10 billion to economy
Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project launches in Kenya
Electronic health technology linked to ER24
Design your tomorrow at Open Design 2015
Design your tomorrow at Open Design 2015

Issued by Open Design Cape Town 17 Jul 2015

carbonTRACK's energy saving device wins competition
Big data used as tool to track Ebola
Fighting prostate cancer with a tomato-rich diet
Mobile technology reshapes healthcare sector
Smartwear may make people healthier
Samsung unveils new digital health platform
Al Jazeera presenter keynote speaker at Social Media Week
Anton Ressel
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