Theunis Coetzer

Business Development Manager at SewTreat
Location:South Africa


Theunis Coetzer is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in water treatment systems and processes. He has launched various innovative water treatment products over the years which include the soon-to-be-launched non-electrical waste water treatment plant set to revolutionise the sanitation industry. Coetzer is a founding member of SewTreat and is currently their business development manager.
#BizTrends2018: Recycling of wastewater is the key to water security

Could it be that recycling the water we have is the key to water availability relief...

By Theunis Coetzer 8 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2017: Water recycling, re-use and sustainability

Although SA has made huge leaps in provision of clean water, there is still a significant amount of untreated sewage contaminating our water courses...

By Theunis Coetzer 11 Jan 2017

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