Simon McCullough

Major Channel Account Manager at F5 Networks
Location:South Africa


Major Channel Account Manager at F5 Networks
Fantastic (ethical) hackers and where to find them

Data breaches and cyberattacks are unignorably on the rise and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated...

By Simon McCullough 26 Apr 2019

The business of organised cybercrime

Team leader, network administrator, data miner, money specialist. These are just some of the roles making a difference at today's enterprises...

By Simon McCullough 6 Feb 2019

Smart cities. Is it wise to get smarter?

We are in an era of intelligent and urgent urban innovation...

By Simon McCullough 13 Dec 2018

Unlocking the commercial value of open source software

Open source software is a powerful springboard for innovation and collaboration...

By Simon McCullough 30 Nov 2018

The rise and rise of the decentralised web

While the internet isn't technically centralised, it is monolithic and monopolised in practice...

By Simon McCullough 16 Nov 2018

Are tech leaders doing enough to benefit everyone?

Across the world, countless digital divides between rich and poor nations are emerging, stoking stark developmental disparities and stymieing opportunities for cross-cultural collaborations...

By Simon McCullough 24 Oct 2018

Plugging the multi-cloud skills gap

The skills to understand, manage, and secure multi-cloud deployments are more vital than ever as enterprises struggle to keep pace with technological innovation...

By Simon McCullough 17 Oct 2018

Multi-cloud business models will shape the future

Architects of the future build optimal businesses. In an automated, security conscious world, organisations must rethink their cloud strategies...

By Simon McCullough 11 Oct 2018

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