Ronald Ravel

Director B2B atToshiba South Africa
Location:South Africa


Ronald Ravel is Director B2B South Africa, Toshiba South Africa
AI and edge computing is a match made in IT heaven

As both technologies continue to mature, they are increasingly being included together in an IT leader's decision-making. The two technologies go hand in hand...

By Ronald Ravel 24 Mar 2021

The tech developments that will thrive in a post-Covid-19 era

While 2020 produced few new technological or business developments, it certainly accelerated many technology trends already in motion. In 2021, we'll see these trends continue to take off at speed...

By Ronald Ravel 8 Dec 2020

Unlocking employee engagement through enterprise technology

IT departments are rightly concerned with the provision and maintenance of robust and secure enterprise technology...

By Ronald Ravel 6 Dec 2019

CIOs need to ensure their workforce can catch up

The workforce of the future is a much talked about notion which conjures up images of robots manning the phones and commuters in flying cars...

By Ronald Ravel 4 Jul 2019

Overcoming the 2019 cyber threat

Over the last couple of years, the dramatic development of digital technologies has fuelled the growth and needs of the mobile workforce...

By Ronald Ravel 1 Apr 2019

The next-generation technologies shaping the manufacturing sector

In recent years, digital transformation has been responsible for driving significant change in the industrial world...

By Ronald Ravel 27 Mar 2019

Workforce of the future: What is driving it and where is it going?

An increasingly rapid pace of innovation is driving forward technological advances in the enterprise at an unprecedented rate, meaning that workforce dynamics are set to change drastically...

By Ronald Ravel 9 Jan 2019

Tech that will shape the business landscape in 2019

The past few years have seen the technology landscape alter tremendously, with both consumers and professionals benefitting from continued innovation...

By Ronald Ravel 7 Dec 2018

IoT - How to embrace it and what does it mean?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming, whether you like it or not...

By Ronald Ravel 23 Oct 2018

The game-changing potential of M2M technology for businesses

The case for introducing machine-to-machine (M2M) technology into the workplace is gaining in strength, with solutions providers continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of such technologies...

By Ronald Ravel 12 Oct 2017

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