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Rob Lith is the director of Connection Telecom. ICT Industry aficionado and internet specialist, he has been involved in the industry for the last 20 years. Email him at .
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Using AI can make your business fraud-free and safer

When it comes to AI, virtual assistants and chatbots are an immediate association for many. However, AI has other important uses for companies too - in fighting fraud...

By Rob Lith 4 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: Smarter chatbots to a seamless multi-cloud environment

2019 is expected to further transformative developments, providing us with new ways to meet consumer expectations, utilise data and work more efficiently...

By Rob Lith 7 Jan 2019

SA needs to prioritise STEM education

South Africa already faces well-known challenges in its education system, felt nowhere more strongly than in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

By Rob Lith 22 Aug 2018

Contemporary ICT insights for South African companies

Thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, businesses today have more tools than ever at their disposal. From the power of the cloud, giving flexibility and scalability to organisations both big and small; to IoT, effortlessly merging the digital world with our everyday lives...

By Rob Lith 5 Jun 2018

Could the humble phone call be the future of digital CX?

We live in a text-first society. If one of your customers has a problem, your website is generally the first place they'll go. A customer resorting to a voice call should be a warning that their patience is really running thin...

By Rob Lith 31 Oct 2017

Mobile billing goes nuts, but consumers can fight back

Notice anything funny about your cellular bill lately? If so, you may have been blind-sided by prevailing mobile data trends.

By Rob Lith 29 Jul 2014

Telkom's cellular play - good news for local industry

The announcement by Telkom recently that it plans to replace almost 300 of its unprofitable copper-based exchanges with wireless 3G and LTE services is good news for the telecommunications industry.

By Rob Lith 22 Apr 2014

MNOs can preserve their way of life by lowering prices

Recent events are evidence of unprecedented pressure on mobile network operators (MNOs) to lower their prices.

By Rob Lith 1 Apr 2014

2013 - a Connection Telecom retrospective

The major trends and events that shaped the communications landscape in 2013.

By Rob Lith 9 Dec 2013

How operators benefit from VoIP (and you don't)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers proven quality under the right conditions (managed access makes a big difference). It is extremely cost-effective to run and comes with rich unified communications possibilities.

By Rob Lith 9 Oct 2013

The evolution of telephony

Communications technology has made astounding advances over time, and yet has not been allowed to deliver on its promise of bringing information to areas where it has the most potential for change and progress.

By Rob Lith 12 Aug 2013

How tech is changing the way businesses talk

Networked-based communications - or Voice over IP (VoIP) - is responsible for a radical overhaul of the role of the business PBX. Previously a mere utility that switched voice calls, today's IP-PBX offers unprecedented efficiencies, flexibility and functional variety.

By Rob Lith 22 Jul 2013

The open secret

Open source software (OSS) has come a long way since the 1990s and early 2000s, when it was considered a risky investment for enterprises.

By Rob Lith 8 Jul 2013

VoIP shifts into top gear as fibre premises bloom

A very exciting development currently playing out in the voice over IP (VoIP) arena is the sudden growth in fibre business premises.

By Rob Lith 18 Jun 2013

Should your company move to the cloud?

"Cloud-based communications has clear benefits, but whether those benefits will accrue to your organisation depends on a number of factors. If your enterprise answers to any of the questions in the checklist below, you may be in the market for a hosted PBX."

By Rob Lith 28 Aug 2012

Virtualisation, enabling modern call centres

Virtualisation is a crucial enabler of modern call centres, allowing flexible scaling of capacity that reduces customer service frustrations, as well as cloud-based models that reduce the ownership burden of costly, complex resource management.

By Rob Lith 7 Jun 2012

ODCC meets core functionality of average call centre

One of the most topical issues in call centres currently is the 'on-demand call centre (ODCC)'. It implies being able to grow and shrink your agent pool in line with the ebb and flow of demand, without being concerned with details like being under- or over-provisioned with resources (bandwidth and scale of application support).

By Rob Lith 17 May 2012

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