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Force Solutions Manager at thryve
There is more to cyber risk than security

Risk experts hold no doubts: the changes technology is bringing to businesses has far-reaching consequences. But the conversation is still split between two poles...

By Riaan Bekker 20 Feb 2019

Prepare for 2019: Weaponise Risk

When Noah weathered great floods, at least he had the luxury of waiting before sticking his head out of the hatch. But time is money, not only to earn some but to stay ahead...

By Riaan Bekker 6 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: The year disintermediation is put to the test

The writing of disintermediation has been appearing on the wall for a while now. It's a real phenomenon, enabled by technology...

By Riaan Bekker 14 Jan 2019

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