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Marisa Louw

Independent Marketing Consultant
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Independent Marketing & PR Consultant | Freelance Writer | Social Media Manager | Just call me 'eM'
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Current employment

Marketing Consultant
Present - Johannesburg
As a freelancer I have worked at agencies like Ogilvy PR and Irvine Partners on several high-profile clients that include MMI Holdings and Marriott Protea Hotels. As an independent consultant past clients include Avatar Advertising Agency, House of Brave Advertising Agency, MediaMark Media Agency, the South African Mathematics Foundation, The Raj Indian Restaurant, Mopani Pharmacy, ORS SA (formerly known as Organic Root Stimulator) Ashkan Animal Health, and more.


Media Relation and Crisis Comm, Press Release/ article writing, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing & SEO, Website & Social Media Manage, SEO & Google Analytics


What do we do outside of work and how does it enable us to do great work?

The vast majority of us have careers where fulfilling our passions every day at the workplace is not as plausible as philosophers or motivational speakers would have you believe...

By Marisa Louw 28 Aug 2019

Freelancing: What you need to know

Marisa Louw started her entrepreneurial journey as a freelancer eight years ago and provides valuable tips for anyone who is considering becoming their own boss...

By Marisa Louw 22 Jul 2019

5 career tips for PR graduates

Finding a job after your graduation can be intimidating. Agencies are looking for juniors with experience. Internships are scarce. Jobs are scarce! Marisa Louw offers some tips that can help PR graduates find their feet after graduation...

By Marisa Louw 28 Jun 2018

Press release syndication

A grossly misunderstood phrase, 'syndication'...

By Marisa Louw 29 Apr 2016

Modern PR: The evolution of communication

I am old enough to remember the days when you used a sheet of carbon paper to make a copy of a document while typing it on a typewriter...

By Marisa Louw 21 Apr 2016

Search begins for SA's top maths students

High Schools have until 1 February to register Grade 8 to 12 learners for the first round of the Harmony South African Mathematics Olympiad that will be taking place on 14 March.

By Marisa Louw 22 Jan 2013

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