Johan Scheepers

Commvault systems engineering director for MESAT
Location:South Africa


    Johan Scheepers is Commvault systems engineering director for MESAT
    Using the cloud responsibly for a greener future

    Whether you believe in anthropomorphic climate change or not, there is one intangible truth which is impossible to dispute...

    By Johan Scheepers 15 May 2019

    Data - the key piece in the digital transformation puzzle

    The world is in the grips of digital transformation, as organisations of all shapes and sizes adopt or explore digital technologies and strategies...

    By Johan Scheepers 7 Dec 2018

    What's holding SA back from the public cloud?

    The 2018 Right Scale State of the Cloud report indicates 81% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and predicts 66% of cloud users intend on growing their cloud spend by 20%. But, what about the local market?

    By Johan Scheepers 6 Aug 2018

    Is your Big Data properly protected?

    In the past few years there has been much hype around Big Data and why organisations need to harness and analyse it in order to deliver business value...

    By Johan Scheepers 28 Dec 2016

    Hidden costs in virtualisation backup solutions

    These days, almost every data centre is heavily virtualised. So much so, that Gartner reports that as many as 75% of X86 workloads are virtualised already to allow multiple operating systems...

    By Johan Scheepers 16 May 2016

    Guidelines for effective data management and protection

    Organisations today are faced with multiple data challenges. Increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions creates numerous repositories of data across various platforms...

    By Johan Scheepers 23 Mar 2016

    Value and necessity of the cloud in business

    As cloud technology matures, IT organisations are increasingly rethinking their cloud strategy in order to deliver optimal value versus cost to the business...

    By Johan Scheepers 24 Feb 2016

    Tape storage has had its day

    To see an audio cassette or VHS in the shops or someone's living room would almost be a bizarre sighting these days, a technological relic from a bygone time.

    By Johan Scheepers 20 Nov 2015

    Principles of managing data and information in the cloud

    While cloud technology gains traction through the big data boom, IT leaders question how they can maximise value from cloud computing while still...

    By Johan Scheepers 15 Sep 2015

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