Jim Holland

Country Manager at Lenovo Data Center Group Southern Africa
Location:South Africa


Jim Holland is Country Manager at Lenovo Data Center Group Southern Africa
Cultivating a connected world with emerging technology

December 2018 marked a major milestone: for the first time, more than half of the world's population was connected to the internet...

By Jim Holland 21 Feb 2019

AI: The driver for mind-blowing business growth

The furore around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is understandable. When adopted correctly, it is a true enabler...

By Jim Holland 31 Jan 2019

Why blockchain needs to be part of your supply chain strategy

One technology with enormous promise is blockchain. Surprised? Don't be - there's much more to blockchain than the world of cryptocurrency and finance...

By Jim Holland 9 Jan 2019

Trends empowering intelligent transformation

A new age is dawning. For big companies, the oncoming era will require new skill sets, technologies, alignments and business models...

By Jim Holland 3 Dec 2018

Encouraging a new breed of storage for the digital age

You've probably heard the one about 90% of the world's data having been generated in the last two years alone...

By Jim Holland 23 Nov 2018

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