Elaine Wang

Group Microsoft Business Unit Manager at Rectron (Pty) Ltd
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


I am a driven and extremely hard working individual, with a keen eye for business ideas and opportunities.
#YouthMonth: A 12-year-old and their mobile device

To celebrate Youth Day, we reached out to some of our younger crew members to find out about their lockdown learnings...

By Elaine Wang 15 Jun 2020

5 things women seeking to go into business should know

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important driver of economic growth and a source of employment, especially for countries such as South Africa...

By Elaine Wang 12 Aug 2019

How to optimise your cloud usage

For the longest time, businesses have been involved in discussions around the benefits of shifting their data and applications to the cloud...

By Elaine Wang 13 Mar 2019

How beneficial are local cloud data centres for SA business?

There has been an increase in interest by multinationals in the deployment of local cloud data centres in South Africa over the past year...

By Elaine Wang 20 Feb 2019

A quick guide to end-to-end business security

The threat of cyber attacks has been at the forefront of discussions in the media and in the technology industry itself...

By Elaine Wang 6 Feb 2019

Technology that shines a light in the face of load shedding

Load shedding is set to be part of our lives in South Africa for the foreseeable future, bringing with it inconvenience and expense for all citizens...

By Elaine Wang 29 Jul 2015

Before you move your business to the cloud

The South African digital economy is booming - with rapidly decreasing prices of connectivity, coupled with more and more cheap and cheerful entrants into the smartphone game, the average South African is now more exposed to cloud computing than ever before...

By Elaine Wang 26 Nov 2014

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