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Eckart Zollner

Head of New Business Development at New Telco SA
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


    Head of New Business Development at New Telco SA
    What 4IR means in the context of South Africa

    From the Internet of things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to smart cities, to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the list of buzzwords is steadily growing with a shortage of tangible and visible planning...

    By Eckart Zollner 20 Aug 2019

    The year IoT comes into its own

    2017 promises to be an exciting year in the field of IT and telecommunication as projects and technologies that have been unable to get out of the starting blocks for the last two to three years, take off...

    By Eckart Zollner 27 Feb 2017

    Microwave technology - improved and useful

    Microwave technology has advanced considerably. As the long wait for fibre-to-the-business gets wearisome and begins to hamper productivity...

    By Eckart Zollner 4 Nov 2016

    Connectivity is key to building a progressive nation

    The discussion around connectivity in South Africa has to evolve. It's no longer just about infrastructure and the advantages broadband delivers...

    By Eckart Zollner 7 Oct 2016

    Effective carrier communities are key to digital equality

    The digital divide is a phenomenon that has plagued developing nations for a number of decades, and addressing this inequality in technological ability and advancement is essential...

    By Eckart Zollner 8 Mar 2016

    Key trends shaping telecoms of the future

    The telecoms industry is currently one of the leading growth sectors in the global economy for a number of different reasons, including the emergence...

    By Eckart Zollner 8 Feb 2016

    Broadband a small part of the solution to digital divide

    It is evident that telecommunications and connectivity within developed countries is continually gaining impetus, becoming more advanced...

    By Eckart Zollner 21 Jan 2016

    Big data analytics can aid in better management of water networks

    Access to clean water is a basic human right, and while government strives to provide access for all, the reality is that South Africa is currently facing...

    By Eckart Zollner 19 Aug 2015

    Shared data centres: access to the widest choice and optimal pricing

    There is no doubt that, in a data-driven world, the data centre is a critical and central component of the technology infrastructure...

    By Eckart Zollner 14 Jul 2015

    The OTT debate - challenging operators to remain relevant in the market

    Over-the-Top (OTT) services delivered via the internet have become part and parcel of the lives of consumers today...

    By Eckart Zollner 24 Mar 2015

    Video on Demand to drive requirement for carrier neutral POPs in Africa

    Video on Demand (VoD), the ability to access specific video content at a convenient time and place on a convenient device through the internet, has previously been an unfeasible technology in much of Africa as it requires large amounts of affordable, available and reliable bandwidth in order to operate...

    By Eckart Zollner 5 Jan 2015

    Infrastructure sharing: new partnerships needed in SA

    In South Africa, it's not surprising to see a street dug up in quick succession by three different telecoms network providers, all laying their own fibre optic cables. There's no sharing here, not even of installation costs. Dark fibre is very expensive to install, pricing reflects that cost.

    By Eckart Zollner 11 Jun 2014

    2014 lays the groundwork for major change in the local telecoms space

    There has been much investment in the South African telecoms market over the past few years, particularly with regard to undersea and terrestrial fibre backbone networks, as well as wireless mobile coverage.

    By Eckart Zollner 8 May 2014

    Signed, WACS and delivered - now what? The opportunity for West and Central Africa

    Construction of the USD650 million West Africa Cable System (WACS) began in 2009 and was completed in April 2011. On target, a little over a year later (11 May, 2012) the first traffic ran over the cable - from South Africa and Namibia, two countries that probably have the most advanced terrestrial fibre network in sub-Saharan Africa and the highest rates of Internet connectivity and most smartphones.

    By Eckart Zollner 5 Sep 2012

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