Doros Hadjizenonos

Regional Sales Director Southern Africa at Fortinet
Location:South Africa


Doros Hadjizenonos is Regional Sales Director Southern Africa at Fortinet
The specialised security concerns of OT networks

As with traditional IT networks, Operational Technology (OT) networks are undergoing a digital transformation process of their own...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 13 Nov 2018

How CISOs can maintain corporate privacy

Today's workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials and other tech-savvy individuals that are accustomed to using technology in every aspect of their lives. As new technology emerges...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 6 Nov 2018

Recognising and preventing modern cyber scams

When it comes to protecting yourself and your organisation against cyber scams, there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 22 Oct 2018

Closing the skills gap with cybersecurity training

To close the skills gap, organisations and academic institutions must take proactive measures...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 12 Oct 2018

Basic cyber hygiene practices that go a long way

As mobile computing - especially using personal devices - becomes more common, the potential for network compromise is increasing...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 9 Oct 2018

IoT in your home: what are the risks?

Smart homes are getting even smarter, with IoT devices rapidly coming to market to make homes more efficient and daily life more convenient, but...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 3 Sep 2018

Ransomware: more than just file encryption [part II]

Off the back of a previous article on the types of ransomware you may not have been aware of, in this article, we'll look at a few preventative measures to make sure you're protected or able to mitigate the effects of ransomware...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 11 May 2017

Ransomware: more than just file encryption [part I]

While most ransomware families prevent their victims from accessing their documents by encrypting them and offering a decryption key in return for a ransom payment, others use different ways...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 6 Apr 2017

Tallying the real cost of a cyber attack

The cost of any type of theft is often a lot higher than just the value of the stolen goods. If your house was broken into, you would feel violated...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 24 Jan 2017

Five mobile security myths busted

Think your enterprise mobile devices are secure? Think again. The iOS and Android devices your employees use for work purposes...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 21 Oct 2016

Why Pokémon Go is a security risk to your company

Pokémon GO has taken one of the biggest cultural crazes of the late 90s and turned it into the most popular augmented reality game yet created...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 4 Aug 2016

Holding your phone hostage - how ransomware went mobile

Imitation is a quick way to learn, which is why mobile malware is evolving so rapidly - it frequently imitates attack behaviours and trends that were first trialled and proven to work in the PC...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 6 Jun 2016

Security tips in the age of data leaks

On April 3 2016 a collective of international newspapers and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) dropped a bombshell - they had millions of documents showing the private business dealings...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 18 May 2016

Cybercriminals gear up as consumers unwind

As consumers ease into their much-needed year-end breaks, cybercriminals are entering their busiest time of year. A time when consumers...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 21 Dec 2015

Check Point: top ten security predictions 2016

Doros Hadjizenonos, Country Manager of Check Point South Africa, gives his security predictions for the coming year...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 9 Nov 2015

2015: the year when businesses safeguard themselves from cybercrime

Last year was a difficult time for businesses when it came to cybercrime...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 23 Jan 2015

Avoid a wipe-out

Malware development has reached a new threat level with the emergence of destructive 'wiper' worms, such as that used in the attack against Sony Pictures...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 22 Dec 2014

Security Predictions for 2015

2014 has been particularly busy for IT security professionals. Many of the threats that were predicted at the start of the year duly emerged, while other significant issues caught the entire sector by surprise...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 5 Dec 2014

Five tips to ensure your business reaps the POPI benefits faster

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act was signed into law last year. It places strict onuses on businesses when it comes to handling personal information about their clients, staff and customers.

By Doros Hadjizenonos 11 Mar 2014

Prevent your home WiFi from being burglarised

There is more than one type of burglary that can affect your home. The one we are most used to usually involves kicking in the door; the another less familiar one involves compromising your computer. And if the intruder in this scenario has compromised your wireless network, you might as well have given them a key to the front door.

By Doros Hadjizenonos 18 Feb 2014

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