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Chantel Troskie

Chantel Troskie is customer experience senior sales manager at Oracle.
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Troskie is passionate about guiding businesses on technology that will help them better understand as well as engage with their customers.
Fighting financial crime with technology

Financial institutions are very much aware of how sensitive and pivotal this time of the year is for their business as customers deal with large amounts of cash...

By Chantel Troskie 21 Nov 2019

To lead in digital transformation, modernise legacy systems

Chantel Troskie, senior CX sales manager of Oracle South Africa points out how innovations in business applications can help South African companies take the lead in improving the experience...

By Chantel Troskie 8 Aug 2019

Automation in the travel industry: Build lasting customer relationships

Airlines, hotels and other hospitality companies are turning to automated services to remove the bottlenecks that have traditionally stood in their customers' way...

By Chantel Troskie 6 Dec 2018

Progressive companies should turn CX into a competitive advantage

Decision-makers need to understand that to use Customer Experience (CX) for competitive advantage, their customer-facing staff must be ready to switch hats on the fly and do so flawlessly...

By Chantel Troskie 17 Sep 2018

Cloud technology is the key to personalise South Africa's travel experiences

Chantel Troskie, customer experience senior sales manager at Oracle takes a look at technologies the travel industry is turning to for a superior, connected customer experience...

By Chantel Troskie 26 Jun 2018

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