Burton Phillips

Senior Associate at Webber Wentzel
Location:South Africa


Burton Phillips is a senior associate in the Competition Practice at Webber Wentzel.
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#BizTrends2018: Competition Commission's inquiry into data costs finalised in 2018

The past two years have seen the Competition Commission undertake a number of market inquiries involving the retail, healthcare and public passenger transport markets. However, few market inquiries have captured the attention of South African consumers more than the inquiry into the high costs of data...

By Burton Phillips 8 Jan 2018

The #datamustfall war - Competition Commission weighs in

After a public outcry, which included a social media campaign under the hashtag #datamustfall, South Africa's competition regulators, ICASA and now the Competition Commission have announced investigations aimed at bringing the costs of data down...

By Burton Phillips 29 Sep 2017

Seven easy steps to manage product recall risk

The National Consumer Commission was involved in its first product recall after it was found that the circuit board in the chest of a toy baby doll sold at Game retail stores was defective. The defect can allegedly cause the doll to overheat and cause burns or blisters...

By Burton Phillips 23 May 2014

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