Brett St Clair is CEO at Siatik, one of Google's leading African cloud partners. He has 20+ years experience in the global digital landscape. He was previously Barclays' digital transformation director for Africa, where he launched a world-first with chat banking in Facebook messenger. Prior to that he was Google's Africa lead for cloud services and led AdMob's expansion across the continent. He was also the first keynote speaker in Africa to accept bitcoin as payment.
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#BizTrends2019: 5 Tips to get your business ready for AI in 2019

2018 was the year that we realised that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was no longer to be shelved in the corner of the video store like 2001's Space Odyssey...

By Brett St Clair 16 Jan 2019

#AfricaMonth: The time to become a disruptor is now

Are African businesses ready to become disruptors? Disruption is a trendy term - but disruption has been around since the big bang, and we've seen it operating through time at different scales...

By Brett St Clair 15 May 2018

Your guide to the top three cloud computing trends of 2018

Digital transformation continues to grow with a predicted spend of $1.7 globally by 2019, a massive 42% increase on 2017 spend (IDC 2017). It is a given that cloud computing services will gain a phenomenal market share in Africa this year...

By Brett St Clair 8 Feb 2018

SA businesses need to 'mobilise'

While consumers have clearly gone mobile, many businesses are still playing catch-up. Here are a few steps that businesses can take to begin building their smartphone Internet strategies today.

By Brett St Clair 18 Aug 2011

A virus worth catching

It's winter and my Nokia N95 has flu. But it's late, and I am ignoring its coughs and splutters and reading a great book which I reckon could be well on its way to becoming a school history text book. It's about how technology and telecommunications flattened the world. How online phenomena such as Google and Facebook understood the power of the Internet and their brands spread like viral wildfire.

By Brett St Clair 4 Jul 2008

Three wishes granted by cellular marketing

As I rub my Nokia N95, I get on my knees and make three wishes...

By Brett St Clair 24 Jun 2008

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