Adrian Goslett

Regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa
Location:South Africa


Adrian Goslett is CEO and regional director of RE/MAX Southern Africa. He joined RE/MAX Southern Africa in 2005 as a franchise development consultant, supporting various regions and offices. Throughout his career at RE/MAX he has held various positions. In 2010, after successfully leading 160 offices and over 1500 agents in six countries through the worst years real estate has ever seen in South Africa in 30 years, Goslett was appointed as CEO of RE/MAX Southern Africa.
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What Moody's silence means for homeowners

International credit ratings agency Moody's was scheduled to make an announcement on South Africa's credit rating on Friday, 29 March. However, the agency failed to announce an updated rating...

By Adrian Goslett 2 Apr 2019

These are the top performing suburbs in the Western Cape

While looking at past performance by no means guarantees similar future performance, it can provide investors with an insight into where some of the investment hotspots might be in the year ahead...

By Adrian Goslett 26 Mar 2019

Why property markets slow before elections

With the election date recently set for 8 May 2019, it is possible that activity in the property market may improve in the months to follow...

By Adrian Goslett 7 Mar 2019

#BudgetSpeech2019, a budget for the future

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's National Budget Speech was predictably conservative - as one might expect within an election year...

By Adrian Goslett 22 Feb 2019

A foreign investor's guide to the South African property market

Considering the political turmoil that is running rampant across the globe, South Africa does still hold some of the more promising growth potential for foreign investors...

By Adrian Goslett 19 Feb 2019

Brace yourself for coming interest rate hikes

Nobody likes to hear bad news, but it is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard...

By Adrian Goslett 20 Nov 2018

How tax breaks for first-time buyers could help stimulate the economy

The state of the South African economy has been on a downward spiral that has culminated in a technical recession announced in September this year...

By Adrian Goslett 19 Nov 2018

What the recession means for the property market

Following the recent announcement of a 0.7% drop in GDP in the second quarter of 2018, South Africa has fallen into another technical recession...

By Adrian Goslett 10 Sep 2018

Understanding the economic factors that affect property prices

Not all of us have a degree in economics. Understanding how external forces impact the price of property can be confusing...

By Adrian Goslett 8 Aug 2018

Eco-homes: Building materials of the future

Sorry to disappoint the sci-fi junkies out there, but futuristic movies that portrayed glistening silver cities filled with metallic buildings might have missed the mark...

By Adrian Goslett 3 Aug 2018

How to deal with illegal tenant activity

According to a study conducted in 2012 by Anti Drug Alliance South Africa, 5.8% of their 57,809 national respondents reported using drugs on a daily basis...

By Adrian Goslett 1 Aug 2018

National housing market: Q2 2018 yields promise

After a slow first quarter, the 2018 property market is beginning to show promising improvements...

By Adrian Goslett 26 Jul 2018

A landlord's guide to following up on late payments

You've screened the tenant thoroughly and their credit check returned a glowing review...

By Adrian Goslett 12 Jul 2018

Is it wise to take out a 100% bond while interest rates are low?

The recent interest rate cut has stoked the coals in the first-time buyer's market...

By Adrian Goslett 17 Apr 2018

RE/MAX housing report shows slow start for Q1 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Lightstone data revealed that 31,875 new bonds were registered at the Deeds Office...

By Adrian Goslett 16 Apr 2018

The effect of the interest rate cut explained in real terms

The recent announcement of the interest rate cut was a mini triumph for all South Africans...

By Adrian Goslett 9 Apr 2018

1% matters - how the VAT increase affects property sales

The power of one: a phrase that has been quoted in many a clich├ęd motivational poster, but one whose power has never quite been fully grasped - until now...

By Adrian Goslett 22 Mar 2018

Are show days still relevant?

With most consumers looking online for property, many real estate professionals have stopped using open show days as a marketing tool to sell a home...

By Adrian Goslett 17 Jan 2018

Finding the ideal coastal investment

Much debate surrounds the topic of whether or not a holiday home is a viable investment, especially when you consider the costs involved in maintaining and managing a second property...

By Adrian Goslett 6 Dec 2017

Repo rate remains unchanged, property market to remain restrained

South African Reserve Bank governor Lesetja Kganyago announced on Thursday, 21 September, that the Monetary Policy Committee has decided to keep the rates at their current levels...

By Adrian Goslett 22 Sep 2017

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