Adrian Goslett

Regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa
Location:South Africa


Adrian Goslett is CEO and regional director of RE/MAX Southern Africa. He joined RE/MAX Southern Africa in 2005 as a franchise development consultant, supporting various regions and offices. Throughout his career at RE/MAX he has held various positions. In 2010, after successfully leading 160 offices and over 1500 agents in six countries through the worst years real estate has ever seen in South Africa in 30 years, Goslett was appointed as CEO of RE/MAX Southern Africa.
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Why 2020 does not compare to the 2008 housing market crash

When the national lockdown was first announced at the end of March, the real estate industry braced itself for another housing market crisis similar to that of the 2008 crash...

By Adrian Goslett 4 Nov 2020

What expenses are covered by the rental deposit?

Following a period of lockdown restrictions that put severe pressure on the income levels of many households, some landlords have had to go through the costly process of applying for a court order to evict defaulting tenants...

By Adrian Goslett 5 Oct 2020

Pros and cons to converting a garage into a granny flat

As an unfortunate by-product of the national lockdown, many households have been forced to combine, owing to a loss of income...

By Adrian Goslett 30 Sep 2020

Green homes - features that add investment value

Investing the money in environmentally friendly enhancements for a home is not only a way to protect the environment and save on monthly energy costs...

By Adrian Goslett 17 Sep 2020

Tax tips for landlords

Owning a rental property portfolio that provides an income is much like owning a business. This means that there are tax implications and dues that need to be paid to the South Africa Revenue Service...

By Adrian Goslett 9 Sep 2020

Property market recovery: Shifts in renting to buying

As many challenges as Covid-19 has brought about, an equal amount of opportunities also exists...

By Adrian Goslett 28 Aug 2020

Good news: Pre-lockdown home buyers/sellers allowed to move

It was announced on Thursday, 7 May, that moving homes is now allowed until 7 June 2020, within certain restrictions and regulations...

By Adrian Goslett 8 May 2020

Rules for rentals during lockdown

The lockdown situation has left many tenants and landlords in precarious positions. Each party should take some time to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities over this period...

By Adrian Goslett 7 Apr 2020

Predictions for the 2020 real estate market

The property market was off to a slow start in the beginning of the year building up to the elections...

By Adrian Goslett 12 Dec 2019

Reasons to stay in the local housing market

Recent reports reveal that emigration sales are on the rise, climbing from 7.3% of property sales in 2017 to 15.7% of sales in Q3 2019...

By Adrian Goslett 6 Dec 2019

3 tips for good returns on a holiday home

A holiday home investment provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. And, with the wide variety of leisure destinations throughout the country, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a location in which to purchase a holiday home...

By Adrian Goslett 8 Nov 2019

Considerations before leasing your home for short-term rentals

With the holiday season drawing near, many homeowners might be carefully considering the idea of short-term letting over the peak season...

By Adrian Goslett 28 Oct 2019

Property or money market: Which is the better investment?

For some time now, house prices have grown at a rate slightly below inflation. This continued house price decline in real terms has caused investors to take stock of their options...

By Adrian Goslett 23 Aug 2019

#WomensMonth: Women dominate the SA property market

It seems crazy to think that women, who were once excluded from the right to own property, are now the largest group of property buyers in South Africa...

By Adrian Goslett 2 Aug 2019

How internet penetration affects the housing market

One need only glance at news headlines and the trending topics on social media to discover that data costs are a hot topic right now...

By Adrian Goslett 2 Jul 2019

The average age of buyers in SA's capital cities

Knowing the age profile of recent buyers and sellers within your suburb can help you market your home effectively and increase your chances of selling fast...

By Adrian Goslett 21 Jun 2019

Can online disruptors and agents co-exist under one brand?

Until recently, low-cost, fixed-fee online real estate services were in direct opposition to the traditional real estate model...

By Adrian Goslett 4 Jun 2019

What Moody's silence means for homeowners

International credit ratings agency Moody's was scheduled to make an announcement on South Africa's credit rating on Friday, 29 March. However, the agency failed to announce an updated rating...

By Adrian Goslett 2 Apr 2019

These are the top performing suburbs in the Western Cape

While looking at past performance by no means guarantees similar future performance, it can provide investors with an insight into where some of the investment hotspots might be in the year ahead...

By Adrian Goslett 26 Mar 2019

Why property markets slow before elections

With the election date recently set for 8 May 2019, it is possible that activity in the property market may improve in the months to follow...

By Adrian Goslett 7 Mar 2019

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