Aadil Patel

Director, National Practice Head of Employment Practrice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
Location:South Africa


Aadil Patel is a director and national practice head of the employment practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. Aadil has broad experience in employment law and has acted extensively for various employers, both public and private entities. Aadil also has experience in the areas of public sector, employee benefits, administrative, constitutional and Islamic Finance law. Email him at .
#RecruitmentFocus: Populating your organisation in the face of rapidly advancing technology

Society is currently experiencing the beginnings of a revolution that will fundamentally change the way we in South Africa live, work and relate to one another...

By Aadil Patel 6 Dec 2018

The impact of 4IR technology advancement on the engineering sector

We are living in a connected society with technology changing the world around us, making it smarter, more autonomous and increasingly data-rich...

By Aadil Patel 29 Nov 2018

CCMA cases increase, giving rise to careful consideration on retrenchment

According to the CCMA, it has around 687 cases a day, which represents an increase of almost 23% over the past five years...

By Aadil Patel 18 May 2016

Constitutional Court rules against lockouts

In the case of the Transport and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (TAWUSA) vs Putco, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the Labour Relations Act does not permit an employer to lockout the members of a trade union that are not a party to a bargaining council, where the dispute has arisen and has been referred for conciliation...

By Aadil Patel 15 Mar 2016

Ruling on prescription of arrear wage claims

Claims for payment of arrear wages may prescribe sooner rather than later following a Labour Appeal Court judgement on the payment of arrear wages...

By Aadil Patel 11 Jan 2016

Amendment Act aims to streamline labour environment

On 1 January 2015 the Labour Relations Amendment Act, No.6 of 2014 (LRAA), will take effect - with the exception of s37(c) - and South African businesses will have to comply with the new obligations created in the Act...

By Aadil Patel 22 Dec 2014

Arbitration requires transparency and openness

Our Constitution guarantees workers' right to strike - a right further entrenched in the Labour Relations Act (LRA), which also permits employers the right to lock workers out of the workplace pending resolution of such disputes.

By Aadil Patel 14 Aug 2014

View from Botswana

On 16 May 2011, a total of 2934 public officers employed in essential services throughout Botswana were dismissed for failing to comply with an industrial court order.

By Aadil Patel 8 Jul 2013

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