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Clients asking for their deposit back

If not specified in the T&C's, how long does a client have to claim some of their deposit back if they cancel a job? 7 Sep 2012

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011


Are the short online courses advertised on this website recognised by prospective employers? Has anyone done any of the courses mentioned and found it to be useful? 22 Mar 2011

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SEO training

With online SEO training available, where in the world to start? 23 Sep 2010

help! what are the copyright laws in sa?

Having just returned to SA from the UK, we are not clear on any recent changes to copyright laws governing marketing/advertising works. We're in dispute with a non-paying client. Can anyone clarify? 7 Sep 2010

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How to be a Freelance Writer

How to set yourself up as a freelancer 28 May 2010

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Freelance journalists - please help!

I need some information about freelancing during the recession please. 9 Mar 2010

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e-marketing courses

Can anyone suggest a worthwhile e-marketing course that goes beyond the ordinary sending emails and search engine optimisation and deals more with strategy and creativity in e-marketing? 2 Feb 2010

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Apprentice in SA. Does anyone know anyhting about the next one??

Basically i want to find out if there is another apprentice sa. 22 Oct 2009

PR in NGOs

I am a newly graduate with an Honours Degree in PR 21 Oct 2009

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Part-time photo studies in CPT ...Who is worthwhile

Need a reputable college with media connecs and a feeder programme 8 Oct 2009

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Looking for James Gaw

Looking for James Gaw 22 May 2009

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Any part-time Interior design course?

I would like to confirm whether there are any part-time courses offered in Interior Design? 16 Mar 2009

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Which CT ad/design school do you recommend?

What school in Cape Town would your recommend and why? Red and Yellow/ Vega/ AAA or any other? 14 Mar 2009

A new look at training in times of economic challenge

All the advertising in the world will be of little use if our inhouse staff don't get it right, this is why I believe that receptionists should get sales training. 16 Feb 2009

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Magazine editing masterclass

For everyone who wants to know how to edit a magazine, properly. 10 Feb 2009

Attention marketers and researchers

Is there a specific course training on research software application, particularly SPSS? 19 Jan 2009

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Adult Drama, Public Speaking and Presentation Workshop - Cape Town!

Drama is a wonderful platform to build your confidence, develop public speaking skills, learn new and creative techniques of self-expression and meet new people. 12 Jan 2009

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Copywriting course in Durban...

Looking for a part time copywriting course in Durban, can anyone help? 26 Nov 2008

What comes first - freelance or newspaper/magazine work to start off a career?

With freelancing as the long term goal, do I have to start my career at a newspaper or get straight into it? 24 Nov 2008

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Is BBA the new Bcom??

If one is looking to infiltrate the business sphere? 21 Nov 2008

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Specialty Field Journalism Courses

Anyone know of specialty field journalism courses in Cape Town. 12 Nov 2008

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Design Bursary

Design/Fashion Design bursary 11 Nov 2008

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Psychometric testing

As a registered psychometrist, I would like to know from others, what the general feeling is about psychometric testing - and also, what tests are currently used in their companies, schools, institutions? 21 Oct 2008

Help!!! need a credible correspondence copywriting course

I can't go the full time route with vega, aaa or any other schools. I need to find a correspondence copywriting course that's got a good enough rep in the market. 13 Oct 2008

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Some advice needed

I am currently employed as a Communications Consultant and am engaged in the 3rd year of my Communication Science degree.During this time I would also like to complete a few short courses that could contribute to making me more marketable. 6 Oct 2008

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Actor training

Due to time and monetry constraints, I can't enrol full- time for a drama degree. 25 Sep 2008

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