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Flash Mob Cape Town

I have a great idea for a flash mob, I need to know who to contact please. 5 Apr 2011

Jabulani - Opens the debate around naming/branding of things/objects and Celebrity Endorsements

Impact of Jabulani on the total 2010 World Cup image, reputation and perceptions about South Africa... 24 Jun 2010

Who and what is Brand South Africa?

Do we as South Africans know what is expected from us to help build Brand South Africa? 20 Apr 2010

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Dear FIFA...

Your recent actions against advertisers such as Kulula have made me realise that our genius negotiators at the LOC have signed over pretty much every South African icon, brand, landmark, flag etc. to you guys. 30 Mar 2010

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I need a mentorship in events management 10 Dec 2009

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Has the Loerie Awards lost all credibility?

After going to this year's Loerie Awards I'm beginning to wonder if the critics are right. 7 Oct 2009

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Same person simultaneously taking the awards,is it fair?

Rebecca malope should step out of the samas and give new artists a chance so that they as well can be recognised across the country. 6 Oct 2009

Who gets invited at a magazine launch party?

Please help. We have done everything and about to start marketing the magzine and organizing the launch. Just wondering who are the best people to invite. 27 Aug 2009

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Conferations Cup Hype?

Where's the hype? 19 May 2009

To feed or not to feed, that is the question?

its not just about the food! 7 Nov 2008

Registered an events company - marketing?

Evidently I have a lot of work to do in marketing the company but what is the one thing I can do to fast track the process. 31 Oct 2008

Kora Music Award?

I am looking for the Agency who handles the Kora Music Awards. 19 Oct 2008

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Am an up coming Events and Weddings Decor designer

Please check out my website and honestly comment on the work 18 Sep 2008

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The 2008 Bejing Olympics - Lessons to be learnt by 2010 LOC

What is our 2010 LOC doing about the opening ceremony? Have they started or are they still concerned about the completion of the stadias? 11 Aug 2008

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Die Stem played at the Loeries

What is the thinking behind playing the old boer national anthem at an event in 2008 like the Loeries? 29 Jul 2008

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Discovery / 702 walk the talk!!!...Terrible goody bag???

I was looking forward to my race bag, and on collection of it, all seemed great, until I got home to explore the contents: 25 Jul 2008

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The MTN Durban Fashion Week: What?

Is the MTN Durban Fashion week really about being a platform for emerging designers or is it just entertainment for fashionistas? 18 Jun 2008

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The Million Man March -NOT A FLOP!

I'm disgusted with eTV for reporting that The Million Man March was a flop. Firstly, it must be pointed out that I'm not an eventing person. Why the disgust? I feel that Desmond Dube did something great to bring awareness(again?) to our leaders about how crime is affecting us and warn criminals that we have had enough! Instead of focusing on WHY the event took place in the first place, eTV labels it a FLOP! So thanks to eTV's report criminals can now think they still have the upper hand?? What is wrong with these journalists? Did the report accusing them of fueling xenophobia not make them double check their scripts before they hand them in?? SIES MAN!! 11 Jun 2008

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Was the Lifestyle "celebrating black" event worth it?

I am very dissapointed, I was there on Saturday..chaos! 19 May 2008

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stars of mzansi awards

what do you think about the standard of "stars of mzansi awards" ? 1 Mar 2008

Sound at the 46664

Very poor sound production for such a big event. Who the hell did the sound at 46664? 9 Dec 2007

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where do you draw the line?

at what stage do you tell an abusive client to take a hike 8 Dec 2007

Crap events

Why is Cap Events still allowed to do big industry events? 9 Nov 2007

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Channel O Awards

What a shambolick mess. 12 Oct 2007

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Whatever happened to It simply disappeared 23 Jun 2007

Do full day conferences really have much benefit, or is it better to do half day work, half day play

A corporate client of mine has been running the same recipe full day conference for the last 4 years and now wants to try and rejuvinate the programme 31 May 2007

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