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Why can,t over 50,s get work in South Africa?

I want to rectify my problem of not being able to find work as an over 50,s male. 4 Aug 2014

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Social Media Sales

Have we not asked the right questions? Looking for a Social Media Sales Guru. 4 Aug 2014

Where can I sell an 0860 number?

I have an excellent memorable 0860 number which is not being used. Is there a site or method to sell these numbers? 3 Mar 2011

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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

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Warning!! - Watch out for claim to be Advertising Sales Companies that does not pay their Reps!!

There seem to be a few advertising sales companies that gives you all the smoke and mirrors, but when it comes to paying your commission they don't pay up. 13 Aug 2009

A new look at training in times of economic challenge

All the advertising in the world will be of little use if our inhouse staff don't get it right, this is why I believe that receptionists should get sales training. 16 Feb 2009

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Freelance Marketers/Reps

Is there a company/organisations where freelance sales reps/marketing agents can be found? 19 Nov 2008

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Where have all the good reps gone?

I have been looking for a rep for a few weeks now and I'm starting to wonder where all the good workers have gone? 28 Aug 2008

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Telesales a serious pain

African Bank and Russels furniture retailers are the worst offenders. 5 May 2008

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Poor Service

Do Salesmen go through special training to master the art of being patronizing and condescending? 7 Mar 2008

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Advertising Rates

I am bringing a new publication to South Africa and want to compare advertising rates for a business card size advert in publications. what are the best comparisons 26 Feb 2008

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Absa's appalling phone sales pitch

Do I have to put up with being patronised? 6 Feb 2008

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Diesel Prices- Cape Town

With unregulated prices it is important that we know who is playing the game. 3 Oct 2007

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Sales Letter Do's & Dont's

I am designing a sales letter for a security company specialising in access control, fire detection & cctv therefore how should this letter read? 19 Apr 2007

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False tele sales promotion

Amazingvouchers misleading promises. 12 Apr 2007

What makes it the best

How do you find out who has thew best longterm sales training. 9 Mar 2007

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Difficult to sell?

How difficult is it to sell ad space for tv - mags - events - etc?? 26 Jan 2007

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Media Sales Commissions

What is the standard industry renumeration and percentage commission structure for TV airtime sales representatives? 23 Jan 2007

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Is customer service dead and buried in SA?

Was it ever even there and when one complains to a call centre, are one's complaints ever relayed to the MD or someone in authority because I'm gatvol of shouting for service?! 30 Mar 2005

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Buying pirate DVDs is a crime

I agree that buying pirate DVDs is a crime but should we not look at DVD prices as a solution? 18 Jan 2005

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Unscrupulous sales practices

Is there consumer protection against unscrupulous sales practices in SA? 27 Nov 2002

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