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STR selects newBrandAnalytics as its social media business intelligence partner

NASHVILLE / WASHINGTON DC, US: STR named newBrandAnalytics as its social media analytics partner this week. The joint venture will launch a product suite for the hospitality industry, integrating Social Guest Satisfaction and revenue performance.
STR, claimed to be a recognised leader for hotel industry benchmarking and research, has actively researched the social media space with the goal of providing the hotel industry with meaningful, actionable performance metrics based on online guest feedback, comments and reviews. STR has now identified newBrandAnalytics as the best-in-class social business intelligence provider to expand its traditional offerings.

"After weighing pros and cons of the market's social media intelligence providers, STR has found newBrandAnalytics to be an ideal social analytics partner," said Amanda Hite, president of STR. "While the importance and bottom-line value of social media guest feedback is clearly understood by the hotel industry, very few companies have determined how to effectively and efficiently glean actionable insight from reams of online data. The newBrandAnalytics platform offers a unique way to do this. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting innovations in guest satisfaction we have seen in this space."

The social web viewed as a giant survey

Tailored to the hospitality industry, newBrandAnalytics' flagship product, Social Guest Satisfaction, is designed to harvest credible guest feedback from an array of social media sites and synthesise it into rich, location-level customer insight. After collecting the feedback, the newBrandAnalytics patent-pending algorithms analyse, interpret, categorise and qualify each customer mention in order to pinpoint urgent issues and anomalies and generate comprehensive performance metrics, comp set benchmarks and opportunities for growth.

"We see the social web as a giant survey. Our goal is to harness and enable this powerful, top-of-mind customer feedback and make it accessible so a hotel manager, revenue manager or department head can, in real time, understand performance trends - including the verbatim customer comments - configured to the most important service factors for their hotel or their part of the business," said Neil Kataria, co-founder of newBrandAnalytics.

"Our Social Guest Satisfaction report card format is already in use at thousands of hotels, restaurants, spas and retailers. It's intuitive and puts the information where the operating manager needs it. We believe STR's extensive knowledge in the hotel industry coupled with our robust social media reporting will create a suite of products that will reshape the way the hotel industry views guest satisfaction data."

For more information on newBrandAnalytics social business intelligence solutions, email .

For more information about STR and their suite of benchmarking reports, email or call (615) 824-8664 ext.3504.
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