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Srikanth, an entrepreneur of many talents, is challenging traditional digital marketing methods

If there is anything that is worth something in today's world, it's digital marketing. The rise of digital and social media has given a whole generation the power to make conscious decisions and informed choices in regards to the products or services that they wish to consume. Conscious consumerism has driven the digital marketing industry forward in leaps and bounds. Businesses and brands cannot hope to put out a good product in hopes of generating profit, they need to put in the work to get their brand out there and stand out in a hyper-saturated and competitive market. The right marketing strategy can turn any company around and personal branding is the key to connecting with potential consumers who stay loyal.
Srikanth, an entrepreneur of many talents, is challenging traditional digital marketing methods
Enter Srikanth Aravamuthan, the vice-president of Exafluence, who offers his clients a unique blend of management consulting and business analytics advisory services. His rich and diverse background with key global organisations has given him the edge needed to continue innovating profitable marketing and operational strategies that make him the select few at the very top of this area. Instead of only delving into digital marketing, Srikanth has had a wide impact across various industries such as media, telecommunications, transportation and information technology.

“By crafting a unique system of data management, we can get a clearer, more detailed picture in terms of who a businesses’ most valuable customers are, and what kind of messages resonate with them. Once you have this kind of insight at your fingertips, it just becomes a matter of putting the pieces together in a personalised manner,” says Aravamuthan, who goes on to illustrate how, “It’s difficult to boil down the value of personal branding to raw numbers, but at the same time, I always advise business leaders to take action based on analytic-backed insights, rather than just gut.”

Companies don’t just grow when they reach a larger consumer base, but they grow when they connect with their customers on a personal level. People are becoming much more aware of what they are consuming and make a conscious effort to choose to buy from brands that reflect their core values. Fortunately, once you make the conversion from potential customer to paying customer, repurchasing increases by 60% to 70%.

“Value is set by the market. Why do you think that designer brands continue to command such ostentatious price tags? Do they use materials or offer a lifetime guarantee on their products? No. It is all about creating value, and top tier designers ensure that their products continue to reflect prestige. They never resort to marking down their prices. They retain their value simply by showing that they are worth more than departmental store clothing which carries none of their prestige, which is what consumers are paying for. Not the material, not the craftsmanship, but the reputation.” Srikanth’s expertise nurtured by his experience in military defence, IT, start-ups, EV transportation and experience in working with different countries and cultures around the world offers him a unique perspective that has helped many more businessmen cultivate their businesses into highly profitable and hugely successful endeavours.

Srikanth’s latest business solutions are the need of the hour and rightfully are creating a lot of buzz because of his expertise in combining domain knowledge with big data and analytics to create a business model that provides positive, undeniable results.

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