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    Online mobile phone sales reach record high in Europe

    LONDON, UK: More than 7% of all phones bought during 2010 in Europe were purchased online according to the latest research from GfK Retail and Technology. This represents a growth in excess of 10% over the same period (Jan-Oct) in 2009.
    Online mobile phone sales reach record high in Europe

    There is little change in terms of the channels from which Europeans are buying: telecom specialists account for 70% of sales, consumer electronic stores are responsible for 17% and non-specialists have a 12% share in volume. This varies by both brand and product, although smartphone sales are considerably more likely to be online, with a rate of sale close to one in every five sold.

    "The increased importance of pre-launch orders and the sophistication of consumer shopping habits have fuelled online demand," commented Aaron Rattue, GfK's Global Telco marketing director. "For several years now the Internet has been a key source for high ticket technical goods and will continue to have a significant influence on the sales of mid to top level phones."

    Source: GfK

    The GfK Association was established in 1934 as a non-profit organization for the promotion of market research. Its membership consists of approximately 600 companies and individuals. The purpose of the Association is to develop innovative research methods in close cooperation with academic institutions, to promote the training and further education of market researchers, to observe the structures and developments in society, the economy and politics that play a key role in private consumption, and to research their effects on consumers. Survey results are made available to the membership. The GfK Association is a shareholder in GfK SE.

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