Show your support for The White Pencil

LONDON, UK: D&AD is launching the White Pencil Kitemark this week and is asking supporters of the project to post the logo on their site to encourage creatives to participate in the initiative.
Sunday 15 July marks 100 days until UN's Day of Peace on Friday 21 September, so now is the time to get involved to help build the campaign around this vital day of peace.

The White Pencil Ambassador is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who said: "To do good, you must act. To encourage others to do good, you must communicate. I applaud the aims of D&AD's White Pencil to ask those people with the strongest communication skills to act, to encourage others to act, and for that action to spread around the world."

In the creative industries people solve problems everyday, communications problems for businesses, brands and products.
So we know how powerful creative ideas can be. They persuade, motivate and mobilise people. At their most potent they have the power to change the way people think and behave.

Create change, and make it happen

The D&AD White Pencil is a new initiative designed to harness that power. It's awarded to a creative idea with the potential to effect real and positive change in the world.

Each time the competition runs D&AD will set a brief challenging the creative community to solve a communications problem for a non-profit organisation or established cause. The winning idea will demonstrate the capacity to raise awareness and change behaviour around that cause.

Anyone can enter and in any medium. However, all work entered has to be produced and run, even if only on a small scale. We're looking for brilliant ideas and the determination and ability to drive those ideas forward and make them happen.

Get creative, and get those entries in.

All White Pencil information on the new site is here
See the White Pencil ambassadors list here
Download the brief here



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