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Transforming education in Tanzania

Introducing the Tanzania eLibrary Project - enhancing the availability and quality of educational resources for 11 mil students
Transforming education in Tanzania

One of our core missions is to grow literacy and develop healthy digital ecosystems in Africa. Part of that includes establishing a formal partnership with the Tanzania Institute for Education (TIE) to launch the Tanzania eLibrary Project. This initiative aims to enhance the availability and quality of educational resources for students throughout Tanzania over the next three years.

The Tanzania eLibrary Project involves the widespread implementation of Snapplify’s cutting-edge eLibrary platform in every school in Tanzania. Additionally, over 11 million students and 190,000 teachers will receive a personalised Snapplify account, enabling convenient access to a wide range of educational resources from various partner platforms.

Through this collaboration, TIE will be offering Tanzanian students unparalleled access to educational resources. With an extensive collection of over 50,000 digital library books and TIE-prescribed content, students will now have access to a wealth of educational materials, promoting a continuous learning and development culture.

A standout feature of our platform, known as Engage, is its accessibility. The platform ensures 24/7 availability, even in remote and rural areas. Furthermore, the content can be accessed offline after downloading, enabling students to utilise the resources on different devices, including mobile phones, bypassing any technological infrastructure limitations.

What makes the eLibrary platform unique is its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. UNESCO recognised this and awarded Snapplify with the King Sejong Literacy Award for 2023 for the e-library platform’s global contribution to advancing literacy. The eLibrary offers an extensive collection of titles in various African languages, supporting Tanzanian publishers and authors. By embracing indigenous literature and promoting local voices, TIE and Snapplify aim to instil a sense of cultural pride and identity among Tanzanian students.

Government partnership manager, Stephen Bestbier, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with TIE aligns with our shared vision of using technology to democratise access to education. By providing students with a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem, we hope to cultivate a passion for learning and encourage academic excellence among Tanzanian youth.”

With the launch of the Tanzania eLibrary Project, we aim, alongside the TIE to pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for Tanzania, nurturing a generation of empowered and knowledgeable leaders ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Thousands of schools have already joined the Snapplify Engage family. Register online for free today to get access to teacher benefits and other incredible educational tools.

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