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Heritable genome editing not yet ready to be tried safely and effectively in humans
Heritable genome editing not yet ready to be tried safely and effectively in humansArticle

Heritable genome edits can be passed down to future generations, raising not only scientific and medical considerations but also a host of ethical, moral, and societal issues...

10 Sep 2020

Nigerian scientists are working to better understand coronavirus. African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Disease
Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2: why it mattersArticle

By the first week of August 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic had caused about 654,000 deaths worldwide...

Christian Happi 7 Sep 2020

Normal blood cells (left) and the blood cells in sickle cell disease, which do not flow through the circulatory system smoothly. Credit: Darryl Leja, NHGRI (CC BY 2.0)
UCT professor's research offers hope of treatment for sickle cell anaemiaArticle

A study performed in Cameroon by a University of Cape Town professor may offer hope of treatment for people with sickle cell anaemia (SCA), a disease which affects hundreds of thousands in Africa...

Elsabé Brits 3 Sep 2020

Experts are confident that there will be a vaccine next year. PenWin /iStock / Getty Images Plus
9 reasons you can be optimistic that a vaccine for Covid-19 will be widely available in 2021Article

As fall approaches rapidly, many are wondering if the race for a vaccine will bear fruit as early as January 2021...

William Petri 24 Aug 2020

Michael Moloney/Shutterstock
Antibiotic resistance: cheap diagnostic test could be a saviourArticle

With the world's attention focused on combating Covid-19, it is easy to forget the other significant threat to public health and the global economy - the rapid rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)...

Lara Marks & Ankur Mutreja 11 Aug 2020

Covid-19 only a dress rehearsal for pandemics
Covid-19 only a dress rehearsal for pandemicsArticle

Some scientists feel that the current Covid-19 pandemic, which has already infected more than 16-million and killed more than 600,000 worldwide, is only a dress rehearsal for an even bigger pandemic...

27 Jul 2020

Secure meat-hungry food systems to prevent next pandemic
Secure meat-hungry food systems to prevent next pandemicArticle

Sustainable agriculture and better health monitoring needed to break chain of disease transmission in food systems...

Fatima Arkin 23 Jul 2020

Becoming a Nation: Exploring the heartbeat of a nation through the lens of behaviour groups
Becoming a Nation: Exploring the heartbeat of a nation through the lens of behaviour groupsArticle

Brand South Africa launched a comprehensive research intervention involving an annual national omnibus survey, monthly online/mobile surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews...

Dr Petrus de Kock, Issued by Brand South Africa 21 Jul 2020

Looking to science for food security solutions
Looking to science for food security solutionsArticle

Considering the IP and legal implications of gene editing...

Chyreene Truluck 27 May 2020

The reinvention of retail following Covid-19
The reinvention of retail following Covid-19Article

The lockdown in South Africa and many other countries around the world to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus will put significant pressure on an already-strained global economy...

Cecil Ungerer 23 Apr 2020

A man being tested as he takes part in an ophthalmological study and examination. Tony Karumba/AFP via Getty Images
How African genetic studies offer hope for preventing a common cause of blindnessArticle

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in the world. It's estimated that by 2040 there will be about 112-million people in the world with glaucoma - mostly in Africa and Asia. The best that medical science can do at present is identify it early and slow or halt its progression...

Susan Williams 22 Apr 2020

Genomic sequencing can help in understanding viruses. Gio.tto/Shutterstock
Africa joins the race to trace Covid-19 with genomicsArticle

One important aspect of managing emerging infections is identifying chains of transmission and assigned cases to clusters of infection...

Peter van Heusden 20 Apr 2020

6 steps to sustainably flatten the coronavirus curve
6 steps to sustainably flatten the coronavirus curveArticle

We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. It started as a health crisis, within days became a real economic crisis, and is now on a swift path to becoming a massive fiscal challenge...

Adam Ikdal 31 Mar 2020

Stray cows rest on a New Delhi street during a one-day civil curfew to combat coronavirus. Cattle may have been central to a coronavirus outbreak in 1890. Yawar Nazir/Getty Images
A brief history of the coronavirus family - including one pandemic we might have missedArticle

Scientists have known of the human coronavirus since the 1960s. But only rarely has it garnered wider recognition over the past half a century...

Burtram Fielding 25 Mar 2020

Commonly used antibiotics are no longer working. solarseven/ Shutterstock
Antibiotic resistance: new discovery could change the future of treatmentArticle

Since their discovery in 1928, antibiotics have become a common way of treating infections caused by bacteria, fungi and other microbes. To treat an infection, a doctor usually prescribes a course of antibiotics (such as penicillin) for us to take. This drug is usually contained in a capsule then swallowed, where it dissolves in the stomach.

David Moyes & Victoria Carr 25 Feb 2020

It’s important for scientists to have the most thorough understanding of HIV. Shutterstock
What the discovery of a new HIV strain means for the pandemicArticle

The discovery of a rare new strain of HIV for the first time in nearly 20 years recently made headlines around the world...

Linda-Gail Bekker 7 Feb 2020

David A. Litman/Shutterstock
Genetic secrets of almost 2,700 cancers unveiled by landmark international projectArticle

Scientists have revealed the detailed genetic makeup of thousands of cancer samples, yielding new insights into the genes that drive the many and varied forms of the disease...

Melissa Southey 6 Feb 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
New study sheds light on genetics of schizophrenia in South AfricaArticle

Schizophrenia affects approximately 1% of people in all parts of the world and is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide...

2 Feb 2020

Tumour cells under a microscope labelled with fluorescent molecules. Shutterstock
Antibody technologies take a step closer to precision medicineArticle

The search for better cancer treatments continues, as current options often cause severe side effects. Less than 5% of experimental anticancer drugs are approved for use in humans, but scientists are bringing new technologies to the quest...

Krupa Naran, Dharanidharan Ramamurthy, Neelakshi Mungra & Stefan Barth 14 Jan 2020

2020 Ugu Film Fest to celebrate female filmmaking in South Africa
2020 Ugu Film Fest to celebrate female filmmaking in South AfricaArticle

The Ugu Film Festival will be held at the Margate Hotel in Port Shepstone from 24 to 26 January 2020...

9 Jan 2020

Lerato Mosiah, CEO: Health Funders Association
#BizTrends2020: The future of healthcare is nowArticle

Medical schemes in South Africa are facing a watershed moment with the imminent threat to their future role and overall existence under the National Health Insurance (NHI)...

Lerato Mosiah 6 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Trends for the near future
#BizTrends2020: Trends for the near futureArticle

In the knowledge economy, every glimpse of the probable future carries monetary value...

marian salzman 13 Dec 2019

We are using computer models to fight drug resistanceArticle

The infectious disease burden in Africa is very high, particularly for tuberculosis (TB), malaria and HIV/Aids...

Ozlem Tastan Bishop 13 Dec 2019

Unravelling the genetic code that controls cell function and diseaseArticle

New research reveals how and why only certain DNA elements are chosen to regulate gene expression within the vast genome and how this predisposes us to diseases...

11 Dec 2019

20 awarded in regional L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Young Talent Awards
20 awarded in regional L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Young Talent AwardsArticle

Twenty women researchers from 15 countries in the Sub-Saharan African region were recently awarded in the 2019 Young Talent Awards as part of the L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science programme...

25 Nov 2019

To feed the world in 2050 we need to build the plants that evolution didn't
To feed the world in 2050 we need to build the plants that evolution didn'tArticle

Synthetic biology lets us explore places where evolution has never gone, to help meet humanity's food needs in a future shaped by climate change...

Claudia Vickers 20 Nov 2019

Jarun Ontakrai/Shutterstock
Men over 40 with faulty BRCA2 gene should be tested annually for prostate cancerArticle

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, are calling for annual blood tests to detect aggressive prostate cancer in men who have a fault in the BRCA2 gene...

Michael Porter 8 Nov 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Potential diagnostic tool, treatment for Parkinson's diseaseArticle

Investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine have pinpointed a molecular defect that seems almost universal among patients with Parkinson's disease and those at a high risk of acquiring it...

30 Oct 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Study sheds new light on barriers to a cure for HIVArticle

An international, collaborative study led by University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers has revealed an unexpected finding that could lead to better therapies towards reducing the HIV reservoir, a major barrier to developing a cure for HIV...

15 Oct 2019

Is there a war between direct and online selling?
Is there a war between direct and online selling?Article

Sales managers in South Africa currently have to deal with two very important factors that have a significant impact on the sales environment...

Dr Marius Wait 10 Oct 2019

Could plant vaccines save the poultry industry?
Could plant vaccines save the poultry industry?Article

The University of Pretoria (UP) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have successfully developed a vaccine against avian influenza using tobacco plants...

10 Oct 2019

The oral polio vaccine is most commonly used in the developing world, despite one big problem.
CDC/Alan Janssen, MSPH, CC BY
A newly designed vaccine may help stamp out remaining polio cases worldwideArticle

Public health organisations around the world have been fighting for global eradication of polio since 1988. Through massive vaccination efforts, the incidence of polio has gone down 99% since then, with the virus eradicated from most of the countries on Earth...

Patricia L Foster 17 Sep 2019

The Loeries - Did we tell better stories?
The Loeries - Did we tell better stories?Article

Now that the proverbial dust has settled on the Loeries Awards, and the self-congratulatory social media posts are gradually dwindling, we are left with the epitaph of, "Did we actually tell better stories?"...

Issued by Gagasi FM 5 Sep 2019

Economic trends that will dominate 2020
Economic trends that will dominate 2020Article

From preventative medicine to smart mobility to 5G, the 2020s will see significant trends driving global growth over the next decade...

23 Jul 2019

Electron micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, the cause of TB. Photo: NIAID via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
South African researchers develop quicker way to detect drug resistanceArticle

It is crucial to monitor patients taking the new drug for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), bedaquiline, to prevent resistance...

Elsabé Brits 11 Jul 2019

Hisense's new B2B offering gains traction as business in Africa booms
Hisense's new B2B offering gains traction as business in Africa boomsArticle

Hisense, supplier of affordable and high-quality electronic goods, is rapidly gaining traction across the continent's business-to-business market and is poised to become a significant player in Africa...

Issued by Ninety9cents 10 Jul 2019

Christina Curtis and her colleagues found that colon cancer tumours could potentially spread to other parts of the body much earlier than previously known.
Paul Sakuma
Most metastatic colorectal cancers have spread before diagnosisArticle

Up to 80% of metastatic colorectal cancers are likely to have spread to distant locations in the body before the original tumour has exceeded the size of a poppy seed...

25 Jun 2019

Image Supplied.
3 global data challenges corporates face, and how to overcome themArticle

FCM general manager Nicole Adonis identifies three of the biggest global data challenges that impact a company travel programme with tips to overcome them...

25 Jun 2019

Get a market-related price for your car
Get a market-related price for your carArticle

To insure for market value or retail value?

9 May 2019

With the right skills and infrastructure, Africa can boost its genomics research efforts. Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock
Africa needs a heavy dose of investment in genomics researchArticle

For several months, my friend's father lay helpless in one of Nairobi's premier hospitals. There was no clear diagnosis...

Jenniffer Mabuka-Maroa 5 Apr 2019

New HIV infections continue to drive the epidemic. Shutterstock
Why ending HIV still rests on a working cure - as well as preventionArticle

The global Aids response has made significant progress in reducing HIV infections and Aids-related deaths...

Linda-Gail Bekker 29 Mar 2019

The benefits of ML and User Entity Behaviour Analytics
The benefits of ML and User Entity Behaviour AnalyticsArticle

The cost of cybercrime is rapidly outpacing our ability to keep up, but can machine learning add value to cybersecurity?

Doros Hadjizenonos 25 Mar 2019

Strand ahoy! Image Wizard
Human Genome Project: new alcohol abuse study could help us finally unlock secrets to beating genetic diseasesArticle

Human Genome Project has not lived up to the hype on beating disease, but a new alcohol abuse study could change that...

Alasdair Mackenzie 18 Mar 2019

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), shown here as tiny purple spheres, causes the disease known as AIDS. Mark Ellisman and Tom Deerinck, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
A cure for HIV? Feasible but not yet realisedArticle

This week a team of scientists and physicians from the UK published news of a second HIV positive man, in London, who is in long-term (18-month) HIV remission after undergoing treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma...

Allison Webel 8 Mar 2019

Antibody could increase cure rate for blood, immune disorders
Antibody could increase cure rate for blood, immune disordersArticle

An antibody-based treatment can gently and effectively eliminate diseased blood-forming stem cells in the bone marrow to prepare for the transplantation of healthy stem cells...

14 Feb 2019

Photo: Travel Indaba
Africa's Travel Indaba 2019 dates brought forwardArticle

The 2019 Africa's Travel Indaba will take place from 2-4 May 2019 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban...

13 Feb 2019

Wits regional Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award winner announced
Wits regional Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award winner announcedArticle

Jason Ngibuini from the University of Witwatersrand is a regional winner in the 32nd Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award, taking the top prize of R10,000...

5 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: How AI is reshaping pharmaceutical R&D
#BizTrends2019: How AI is reshaping pharmaceutical R&DArticle

The complex industry/academia/government research framework involved in discovering and developing new therapeutic products makes drug discovery an extremely laborious and costly exercise...

6 Jan 2019

Boris Dzhingarov
Hacked medical devices: The next big security concernArticle

As long as there have been opportunities, there have been opportunists looking to exploit them. The old-school con man has evolved into the modern hacker, and hacking has been through many different permutations in the last few decades.

Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 19 Dec 2018

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