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How to market your business online for free
How to market your business online for freeArticle

Digital marketing for your business can be daunting. Marketing your business online to bolster your brand and attract some customers with little to no money is no easy task...

Gugulethu Rajuili 3 May 2021

#BizTrends2021: Confessions of a drinks salesman
#BizTrends2021: Confessions of a drinks salesmanArticle

A light-hearted take on drinks mega-trends for the year ahead...

Rowan Leibbrandt 15 Jan 2021

Screengrab from the Clicks website.
How conducting solid research could have prevented the Clicks fiascoArticle

Percy Shangase, managing owner of Mashuku Marketing Solutions, writes that the repercussions that Clicks is currently undergoing are as a result of not conducting ad-testing, exercising due diligence and at the very least understanding their markets...

Percy Shangase 7 Sep 2020

The Goldilocks role of targeting in evidence-based marketing
The Goldilocks role of targeting in evidence-based marketingArticle

Dr Carl Driesener, of Australia's Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI), the home of evidence-based marketing - showcased little-known traps of targeting at their recent Spark Media-hosted annual presentation, to assist in achieving better marketing results...

Leigh Andrews 6 Nov 2019

Remarketing 101: Understanding what it is...
Remarketing 101: Understanding what it is...Article

Have you cottoned on to one of the best and easiest routes to boosting conversion rates and driving sales? The intelligent way to re-engage customers and prospective clients? The great way to maximise on your current advertising spend? Are you remarketing yet?

JG Bezuidenhout 14 Aug 2018

Influencer marketing 101
Influencer marketing 101Article

In 2018, influencer marketing will continue to be a driving force for businesses looking to expand their audience and enhance sales through social media...

Issued by DUO Marketing + Communications 3 May 2018

Nito500 © –
Tips from Netflix for your consumers' on-demand viewing pleasureArticle

In a top ten ‘A-list' that includes the likes of Donald Trump, KFC and Pokémon, industry authority Ad Age announced Netflix as its marketer of the year for its highly effective work in 2016. Here's how your brand can follow suit…

Leigh Andrews 16 Jan 2017

Perfume brand characters
Differentiating brands for growth in a cluttered marketArticle

Having recently become a mum, I've started engaging with a vast array of new brand categories and my needs from many of the products and services that I've always used have shifted dramatically...

Camilla Fanning 27 Oct 2015

5 steps to stimulating demand for sustainable products in a competitive marketplace
5 steps to stimulating demand for sustainable products in a competitive marketplaceArticle

Responsibly sourced timber is better for the environment, better for business and better for everyone involved in the timber trade, but how do we communicate that to consumers?

Justin Smith 3 Sep 2015

Rolf Akermann
The ultimate sleeping pill! Vision and mission statements...Article

If you get past reading three companies' vision and mission statements and you are still awake, give up! And accept that you are an insomniac! It is sad, but true...

Rolf Akermann 3 Jun 2015

Top Gear - Lessons from the Stig
Top Gear - Lessons from the StigArticle

So unless you have been living in the boot of a reasonably priced car, you will pretty much know that the writing is on the test track tyre-wall for the once mighty BBC motoring institution, Top Gear...

Andrew Ross, Issued by Havas Johannesburg 30 Mar 2015

Chris Brewer
Making a tit of yourself in the mediaArticle

There's been a lot of bleating recently about "freedom of the press". It picked up momentum at the State Of The Nation Address when the cell phone signals were jammed...

Chris Brewer 2 Mar 2015

A lesson for Cell C - you could have turned a moan into a tribute
A lesson for Cell C - you could have turned a moan into a tributeArticle

Suhana Gordhan:* Advertising wizard David Ogilvy said: 'The consumer is not a moron. She's your wife.' I love this quote because it humanises the consumer in a way that many brands don't...

14 Nov 2014

Thomas Oosthuizen
Is creating co-dependent business ecosystems the new competitive advantage?Article

When you buy a Nespresso coffee machine, you do not buy a coffee machine. You buy into a system of consumer benefits. Or what I would call an "ecosystem "of related offers.

Thomas Oosthuizen 18 Jun 2014

Introducing new marketing courses for your integrated marketing strategy
Introducing new marketing courses for your integrated marketing strategyArticle

The Red & Yellow School has announced four new part-time online courses that will be added to its existing portfolio of over 15 professional marketing courses.

Issued by Red & Yellow 17 Jun 2014

Sanele Mgaga
Advertising works... subliminallyArticle

Most advertising works subliminally. In fact, I could push it to an extreme and say that all advertising works unconsciously...

Sanele Mgaga 4 Apr 2013

Deep consumer insight is the real competitive edge for your businesses and your brand
Deep consumer insight is the real competitive edge for your businesses and your brandArticle

Understanding our consumer is key not only to the way that we construct our offer, but also to the way we communicate this offer in the market. But what is the insight we are after? Consumers are notoriously bad at picking packaging or choosing a logo so how do we ensure that they are at the heart of our business and that we do get that competitive edge?

Issued by imagineNATION Alliance 24 Oct 2012

Samantha Wright
Social media 'experts'... copy that!Article

There has been a trend in the past few months for a multitude of small companies to pop up declaring expertise in social media. I'm starting to worry though. How many of these companies really understand the ins and outs of building (and maintaining) a brand?

Samantha Wright 14 Aug 2012

Tameron Carneson
Social media marketing - not an exact scienceArticle

But it can certainly be mastered... GGi Communications' Tameron Carneson takes a look at the ever-changing, rapidly changing world in which we live and asks whether General Motors has made the right decision regarding advertising on Facebook.

Tameron Carneson 11 Jun 2012

Marketing 101 in the age of the consumer broadcastingArticle

icandi communications (Pty) Ltd recently attended the IMC (Integrated Marketing Conference) in Johannesburg and after listening to almost 20 hours of speaker sessions, outlining the latest industry trends, there's much to say.

Issued by icandi CQ 8 Jul 2011

Go on, be exceptional in your customer service!
Go on, be exceptional in your customer service!Article

Service in this country continues to be a bone of contention with many, and this applies to service in all industries, including law, accounting and financial service firms. Making sure clients receive exceptional service is imperative and this means from their first contact with your firm to their final destination.

Rachelle Bricout 26 Oct 2010

Zakumi, oh Zakumi, wherefore art thou?
Zakumi, oh Zakumi, wherefore art thou?Article

Big up to the street vendors and their fong kong South African flags and car mirror socks at every intersection. I know it's not a bright idea to write an article about marketing and start off with a line that's saluting counterfeit goods vendors. But I think even the producers of the 'fly the flag' campaign owe credit to these entrepreneurs.

Thamsanqa Malinga 3 Jun 2010

Think anew when it comes to marketing and advertising
Think anew when it comes to marketing and advertisingArticle

We need to adjust our traditional way of thinking in terms of marketing and advertising in order to take into account the world recession and straitened economic times.

Alan Radmall 14 Apr 2009

Google killer, brand killer
Google killer, brand killerArticle

On an infamous Friday in 1993, Marlboro rocked the business world by slashing the price of its premium brand - a mini-crash ensued as all brands were suddenly deemed brittle. ‘Marlboro Friday' has since proved to be a wobble rather than a seismic shift as brands have continued to command healthy and often increasing profit margins over a sustained period. The recent launch of search engine Cuil (28 July 2008), although seemingly innocuous, again raises some Marlboro Friday-type questions around the value of brands, this time in the Web 2.0 economy.

Patrick Carmody 15 Aug 2008

The secret Fassler faux pasArticle

Someone at Woolworths clearly bunked Marketing 101.

Jacquie Myburgh 21 Dec 2007

Beware of “We’re building our brand”Article

Beware these four dangerous words. Spoken like a secret and holy chant that if challenged will send you directly to hell or worse. Often used by junior marketing people, ad agencies and uninformed company directors… The Holy Grail of Marketing that commands subservience and unquestionable loyalty from all who should be exposed to her.

Alan Radmall 23 Feb 2007

Marketing 'warfare' delays Sunday Times Top Brands publication
Marketing 'warfare' delays Sunday Times Top Brands publicationArticle

BREAKING NEWS: The annual Top Brands Survey, due to be published in the Sunday Times this past weekend as a 40-page showcase tabloid insert, was withdrawn on Friday, 25 August 2006, after Vodacom took legal action against MTN over the parodying of the Vodacom slogan in an MTN ad in the main body of the tabloid. MTN will now reportedly be footing the bill for the reprint of the special supplement - to the tune of R2.5 million.

Louise Marsland 27 Aug 2006

Your email CIArticle

SA companies spend a great deal of time and money ensuring that a consistent corporate identity (CI) is projected across all communications media. Yet the primary communication vehicle for business – email – has been largely excluded from CI efforts.

24 Aug 2003

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