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Gold is key to the economic survival of millions of Ghanaians. Knut-Erik Helle/Flickr, CC BY-NC
Ghana needs to rethink its small scale mining strategy. Here's howArticle

Ghana is among the top two gold producers in Africa. . What has caught little attention, however, is the fact that more than 35% of total gold output in Ghana comes from artisanal and small-scale miners...

Richard Kwaku Kumah 16 Apr 2021

#EntrepreneurshipIssues: The importance of formalising your business
#EntrepreneurshipIssues: The importance of formalising your businessArticle

I must admit, I did not realise the importance of formalising a business when I first registered my PR company nine years ago. I registered the company as a Private Company (Pty) Limited (Ltd)...

Miranda Lusiba 13 Apr 2021

Ignore eDiscovery at your peril
Ignore eDiscovery at your perilArticle

The proliferation of electronic documents makes electronic discovery imperative for the legal and corporate world, and mishandling such documents could spell danger for the success of your case...

Issued by LexisNexis 7 Apr 2021

Africa's first legal text on eDiscovery published
Africa's first legal text on eDiscovery publishedArticle

A Guide to eDiscovery in South Africa has been published by LexisNexis South Africa...

Issued by LexisNexis 3 Mar 2021

12 ways digital signatures can aid businesses working remotely
12 ways digital signatures can aid businesses working remotelyArticle

Against the backdrop of Covid-19, any business that has adopted remote working has had to quickly embrace available technology for a range of business needs. Among these are digital signature platforms...

Issued by LexisNexis 19 Oct 2020

Why boost your English language skills
Why boost your English language skillsArticle

Wits Language School's English improvement courses are designed for second language speakers. In these courses, you will increase your vocabulary, revise essential grammar rules and learn how to write business documents that are effective, professional and persuasive...

Issued by Wits Plus 11 May 2020

David Smooke on starting Hacker Noon
David Smooke on starting Hacker NoonArticle

The CEO of the leading technology publication talks about how he first got involved with writing and established the site that now boasts a library of over fifty thousand stories...

Craig Lebrau, Issued by Lebrau Press 12 Mar 2020

Using the cloud responsibly for a greener future
Using the cloud responsibly for a greener futureArticle

Whether you believe in anthropomorphic climate change or not, there is one intangible truth which is impossible to dispute...

Johan Scheepers 15 May 2019

Knowing the basics is not good enough anymore
Knowing the basics is not good enough anymoreArticle

Being able to confidently speak and write in English has never been so important. Using the right words in the right way can make a massive difference to any company...

Issued by Wits Language School 8 Aug 2018

Creating better customer experience in Africa
Creating better customer experience in AfricaArticle

Services companies can unlock a better customer experience with a modern business solution and focussing on business efficiency...

Matthew Kibby 11 Jun 2018

Complementing qualifications leads to candidate differentiation
Complementing qualifications leads to candidate differentiationArticle

For graduates and current students, the need to differentiate themselves from their peers in the job market is leading to them extending their studies into alternate qualifications to their main field...

6 Jun 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Business travel safety tips to rememberArticle

Travelling for business purposes is much more common now than it used to be. We no longer have to sacrifice comfort and affordability is much higher than it used to be...

Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 3 May 2016

[BizTrends 2016] IT's changing of the guard
[BizTrends 2016] IT's changing of the guardArticle

SMEs no longer need to be responsible for IT in the traditional sense. The likes of cloud computing, high-speed connectivity and hosted solutions have become game-changers...

Brian Timperley 15 Jan 2016

Absence of backup, recovery equals disaster
Absence of backup, recovery equals disasterArticle

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, if you store your data, and your customers' data, you need a safe and secure way to back up and store that data...

20 May 2015

How a 'digital office' can help you wrestle back control from the data deluge
How a 'digital office' can help you wrestle back control from the data delugeArticle

The decade-old vision of the paperless office has never, and may never, come to pass. But the developments of the cloud, digital workflow and Electronic Content Management (ECM) have all cut down the amount of paper that the average office deals with...

Nathan Nayagar 18 Dec 2014

Leon Minnie
Enhancing your printing solution to work smarter, easier and more profitablyArticle

The printing industry has changed, with many established printer providers, as well as new companies, adopting digital printing solutions to meet the demands of the print market.

Leon Minnie 13 Jun 2014

Adriana de Kock
Smashed, not crushed: Seven pitfalls to watch out for when hiring a translatorArticle

In a business context, translators have to do much more than simply change words from one language into another. They have to deal with aspects such as industry jargon, language trends and the intended audience of a document.

Adriana de Kock 31 Jan 2014

Business into Africa profits from good translation servicesArticle

With globalisation and rapid advances in technology shrinking the world, cross-cultural and international trade are increasingly becoming a reality for businesses of all sizes. However, good communication, which is essential in business, can be 'lost in translation'.

31 Jul 2013

Tiffany Markman
Whaaat?!? You copied my copy?Article

Reflections on textual pickpocketing... by a victim of copy thieves.

Tiffany Markman 24 Jul 2013

Megaupload's data massacred by Dutch
Megaupload's data massacred by DutchArticle

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom on Thursday (20 June) condemned a Dutch company's decision to delete millions of files belonging to users of his defunct website, calling it "the largest data massacre in the history of the Internet".

21 Jun 2013

Raising awareness of plain language
Raising awareness of plain languageArticle

The Consumer Protection Act makes it law for South African businesses to provide information to their customers in plain and understandable language.

26 Feb 2013

Windows 8 expected to make rapid inroads
Windows 8 expected to make rapid inroadsArticle

Microsoft and Nokia, are making their play in the smartphone market with Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system that is set to occupy third place in the market for the foreseeable future.

8 Nov 2012

Infor launches Workspace social business applicationArticle

Infor, a leading provider of business application software, has announced the next generation of Infor10 ION Workspace, an evolutionary step in enterprise software with advanced collaborative and communicative capabilities.

2 May 2012

JM Coetzee archive heads to US
JM Coetzee archive heads to USArticle

The archive of South African literary giant and Nobel laureate JM Coetzee has been bought by the Harry Ransom Centre library at the University of Texas in the US. The collection of work covers the life and career of the author, spanning more than five decades.

Ray Maota 18 Oct 2011

Marion Scher
What’s in a name?Blog post

When I started out as a freelancer 100 years or so ago that’s what I was - a freelance journalist. No one queried that title or said “Is that all you do?” other than some family members enquiring as to when I would be getting a proper job!

Marion Scher 16 Sep 2010

Writing skills get business goingArticle

The need for good writing skills in South Africa is evidenced every day in poor emails, poor press releases, poor web copy and poor business communication. Offering solutions to this shortage are upcoming courses from experts in their field. For those who aspire to write for film, TV or the stage, or produce and direct productions, workshops are being conducted in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

15 Feb 2010

Direct mail to weather digital inroads, budget cuts
Direct mail to weather digital inroads, budget cutsArticle

The future of the traditional direct mailer looks set to grow in 2010 and beyond, despite the inroads being made by digital direct media platforms such as the Internet and mobile technologies.

Ian Geary 8 Feb 2010

Gregory Gondwe
TNM launches Windows MobileArticle

As the market rat race between Malawi's current two mobile phone service providers continues, TNM last week tried to outdo Zain Malawi's Blackberry on prepaid service, which is an internet facility innovation.

Gregory Gondwe 11 Nov 2009

EASSy construction imminentArticle

Construction of the 10,000 kilometre undersea fibre-optic cable is to begin next month following the announcement on Monday that the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and others have come up with $70.7 million in financing for the project. The project is aimed at moving Africa closer to reliable telecommunications and affordable Internet access, by connecting 21 east, southern, and central African countries to west Africa and Europe.

29 Nov 2007

Backups in a blinkArticle

No matter how much the technology industry has droned on about the importance of backing up critical data, there are still daily examples of panic-stricken individuals berating themselves for failing to protect their information. One company believes it has the solution.

24 Aug 2005

Packaging the personal Article

Speed Services Couriers has launched a new television ad campaign to position itself in the corporate market, but was determined not to lose the accessibility of the service to individuals.

14 Apr 2005

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