Sharon Walsh

Location:Cape Town, South Africa


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    Sharon Walsh
    Everything you need to know about levies in sectional title schemes
    I am being harassed by monthly arrear accounts and for 6 months, spent most of waking day proving to Body Corp (new one - I didnt personally ask for these people to take over from perfectly good prev Body Corp of about 12 years?, yet am now traumatized by threats of outstanding levies - have spent equavallent to months worth of time sending proof of payments and asking which months I am claimed to have missed. I have pleaded countless times to meet with the most Senior person and to ask the trustess for help, but constantly REFUSED these!!! It has taken such a significant toll on my health and am FORCED to sell the only little thing I had left in live due to their treating me like a piece of rubbish! How come, as owner of the property for 13 years, my levies are suddenly in arrears when Body Corp changed? They can not even tell me which month I alledgedly missed a payment completely!! I will not be bullied and intimidated into paying money I dont owe! I suffer from severe panic attacks and my doctor wants me to go into the ER tonight, which will cost at least R3 000, yet he will write a report that Watchprop are the direct cause of me being required hospitalisation, and they are liable for those costs. PLEASE help me?
    Posted on 14 Jun 2019 20:00
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